Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Thursday, January 01, 2015

I’m good with just the muffs. There’s nothing cuter than a little dress paired with chunky boots during the winter. And as stockings by women and girls. Where it all goes on, the endlessly resisting life, the whale pulse. For you, what is happiness Jump into tights, and turn ourselves into the slaves. Because honestly we all wear black tights during winter time. Oh hello, giant crotch hole. If I go somewhere to cry for you how will I stop. There is something for you in the world of tights. The dusky sheen of my corn, the perfume of my salt. I’ve always been a dresses girl. You and I remember Budapest very differently Since I am nothing, I am whole. So I swapped the thick tights for sheer, sexy nylons. Tights you imagine something like a skirt going over. A girl like me always loves a vertical stripe, especially in the leg region. My favourite solution is to simply add a pair of tights to almost any party dress. So no matter what, you should at least have a pair of the traditional black tights. But today you count the late frozen stars. Isn't language a curious thing? That was just an innocent window. How will it feel, the knife? Leggy types (TIGHTS). The wonderful moose and the wonderful moose shadow. Only clean lingerie should go next to that clean skin. You should never underestimate the role of tights. There has just descended one shower of rain. (I still maintain this is not a real thing). Everything's funny now, which we hadn't expected. Turn the tights inside out while washing and dry in the shadow.

Monday, December 01, 2014

I encourage all men to try on a pair of tights. Someone larger than rooms and hurricanes. Meaning you can't see through them at all or very little. I consider a skirt, then I peer into my drawer full of tights. Will the ornaments of your authority be revealed? The song was bursting inside you. Milk colder than moon. I think it’s more for the woman’s psyche to know all this is happening underneath. She is now able to step off the plane and into skirts. With passion like that, it is a wonder how he kept those tights on. I’m a huge fan of tights! Suspender tights include a intercourse appeal to your outfits. It's amazing how many outfits look great with yellow tights. As far as I know he made only one bed. How about the buffalo? You smell bad and you broke my railing. Another ocean rushing out. And the axle doesn't even get wet. Tugging on the same old black tights day after day after day. If your legs are cold put some tights or stockings on. I have loved wearing pantyhose and tights since I can remember. Fresh knickers in drawers. What the boys call a tremendous envelope. I never feel the discomfort of the tights once I'm outside with snow in my face. These tights will not fail you. I raised my legs, causing an upheaval. Caress the suffering branches, for I have permission. Tights will become your new best friend this winter. And I will tell you the most of my memory of you. The racing pulse, the shortness of breath and lust that overcomes me for a great piece of hosiery.

Saturday, November 01, 2014

I was thinking funeral. You can hike up your skirt a little more to get a little more deeper and interactive with your patient. It feels SO good to be wearing tights again! All I can see is the pain I imagine. No matter where I am, I am always standing on this street. She found herself walking down a crowded street, but the people were made of paper. Sail through tights heaven, and wiggle into your favorite pair with me. It must be a habit around here of buying cool tights then never wearing them. Tights and stockings can make a look even more feminine. What's the point of wearing a nice dress? Hence the penguin problem. Hugged by a mob of intensely affectionate hamsters. Even this late, the bones of the body shine. Here in sleep, rivalry is reserved. It was then I knew my exile's full extent. Nothing is more maddening than coaxing out the melons in your garden. The rules for wearing tights and the best places to buy them. A spray of the perfume that I am wearing on the day will also be added to the stockings. Against wind's silk direction the tide is flowing. This morning officially ushered in the season of the tights. Her tights are basically the fall ground beneath her. It's all about black tights. I'm too rambunctious to keep my tights in pristine condition. I seriously love wearing tights and boots with a sweater dress. Every beautiful woman is a corpse. When should you start wearing tights? We think every girl should twinkle. Black sheer tights with a seam up the back to signify the woman. I don’t think there are enough tights in this world. I literally have had a love affair with lace since I have known myself. I definitely have a weakness for beautiful tights.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Abandoning the poems that were never ours though we wrote them. To beat the fox, my uncle drove off. I mean, tights are always good. I dip every object I own into vinegar. Almost everyone talks the same way about love. Salivating over free stockings and chocolate. I'm always amazed at men who are too timid to try something like pantyhose. And to shed some light on these warm and kind friends to women’s legs. I love the way you draw fishnets. But there he was, selling tights from a building around the corner. I also like that these tights always generate compliments. And then it got dark and I pulled on my tights. One day I was wearing a summer dress, and the next day I was on a hunt for a pair of tights! I can see the woman breathing. All around, the dead were cheering me on. You need to know that women wish to look captivating. The cutest way to transition sunny day dresses into the new season is with cute cardigans and even cuter tights. She just liked to go around kissing harpsichords. But the sun is still shining in Glasgow. We are moments away from the oboe. What happened to the old heart is the scary part. Don't even bother looking at any other tights ever again. This will help keep the dots from stretching out! Go for a sheer black or nude nylon to accentuate the reveal at the top of your foot. Let your tights sit for a minute or two simply because they are too hot to touch. She was small and she was very pretty. My mom handed me a bag of old tights a few months ago. And clutched a reindeer with a yellow bandana. The depths of the sea swallows that red light. Mechanism to modify the door and way to break the door.

Monday, September 01, 2014

And, when I blink, all lines converge. Horizontal shapes should be avoided if you have muscular sides. I'm jealous that you're wearing tights right now. Substitute your legs with onions and now you got some onions that can breathe too. For anyone suffering through a scorching August day, picture having to wear tights. Although we’re in the middle of summer I sometimes get tempted to wear knits, hats, and tights. The extra bit of fabric will protect your legs from the chilly weather. Windows were everywhere and my body was adorned in a shiny leotard and ripped tights. These specific types of stockings can be rather tricky to track down. I really love the creativeness behind the tights. It has emerald wings. It has more the air of an altar than the table has. A man can get damned tired of toads. I always feel incomplete and unfinished if I am not wearing nude hose, black tights or fishnets. Locusts reveal themselves one to another to yet another. Heels, black nylon hose, and a formidable silk tweed suit. It’s time to wear tights and women everywhere are celebrating! Spray your tights with hairspray every morning. Passing a mirror in a dusky corridor. This is how tongues make mistakes. My excuse is, I have a beautiful woman. And think good thoughts about a hippopotamus. And a beautiful lady in pink tights flew high above our heads. A nurse adjusting her pantyhose in the staff bathroom. Walk around a bit in your skirt or dress with tights before going to work. Then he began to kiss me, up my legs on the outside of my tights. You've never zipped on a platitude. In those days men with the same face shot one another. Then the seashells are in our midst. It's hard to represent the return of the sun by the coiling of a hippopotamus. When you choose, take the shepherd's arm, leave.

Friday, August 01, 2014

JULY 2014
The exact shade of purple to match her purple tights. Next, add your nylons. I was alone in the midnight field. Should she have paid for the tights herself? My own tights are bigger around the thigh. Tights are what you are looking for. I was feeling stylish in my skirt suit, tights and boots. I'm all opaque, all the time. The air was like a bullet made out of silk. The wolves cry the great name. Standing in the sun of another country. Let the earth have it. This is a music of the heart's solidity. The various silence the city required of me. I hold my shark's tooth like a sort of charm. Either way, you're drawing attention to the tights. What’s this all been about then — this existential problem in tights. Some paths depend on abstraction. No one had ever heard of an albino angel. And generally did every imaginable thing possible to make hosiery look sexy and appealing. I searched high and low for my dream tights. A pluperfect halo, both circle and square. You can gift me your used tights any day. I and my wife will keep to one another and let the world go hang. Each type of tights has its unique benefits. Arriving with raw insides knifed from spine. Winds, we can tell, are jealous. They laughed when I sat down at the piano. Was like the Roman method for making bees. This is because colourful tights are still new. Holding her caption derails my vision to the left.

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

JUNE 2014
Let the tights do all the talking. I had regrets that I had not purchased some tights while in Ukraine. The girls didn't even know I was wearing tights! Unit of three frogs at the southwest corner. When you get lipstick on your tights! This is important because attaching the foot to the leg can be a bit confusing. It’s pretty clear that my legs need all the help they can get. Would you wear gloves in July? The family head sometimes hears a little voice. They’re just tights made of a diaphanous material. Match your clothes and shoes to the tights to give the illusion of longer legs. Should pantyhose for women be a requirement for Church attendance? I was pleasantly surprised by these tights. Their wardrobe is filled with sturdy black tights. Just put several seeds in the toe of a pair of pantyhose and wet it twice daily. A choir gives back menace and echo. The symmetry of a peeled pear under a cemetery wall. I think you need striped tights with frilled socks to really enjoy puddles. To add some 'skin' to the bones I used a pair of tights. Especially if you add a sweater, tights and boots. The lonely house by the graveyard is uninhabited. I dreamt of a watermelon. I say any blade in my hand is just my hand. I thought you were a wheelbarrow. I brought you here to discuss tights. Outside a train sings its whale song. Tights offer comfort and feminine styling. His mind will keep reverting to the last biscuit on the plate. I hear them walking about on the ceiling. We will never be in a room as full or as empty.

Sunday, June 01, 2014

MAY 2014
I had no idea how these strange shapes can turn into a pair of tights. I hoped she’d die, though tried to love her. Yet I see only tights. Your lack of seriousness is a total thing of beauty. The water didn't belong to the water. If I have to wear tights, I figured I'd at least keep a theme. You can't go wrong with a great pair of pantyhose this time of year! Wearing tights is easy with dresses. I am truly obsessed with all tights, whether it’s sheer, opaque or specialty tights like lace and crochet. Sheer or opaque tights under your shorts are a great solve! You notice the old nurse wears a girdle as she bends over you. My favorite part of being goth was the fishnets and lacy stockings. And I was in love with them, because they were all I had left. Like a jaguar who once drank rain off the leaves. It doesn't matter where I sleep. Turn your tights around. Opaque black stars scattered across sheer tights, for the chic space explorer. A planet you no longer stand on. You cannot identify the plaid until you are standing close to the person wearing it. The underpants were set on fire. But they inharmoniously intrude to interrupt the conveyance of a total image of grace. Or you could just keep on wearing your black tights! And somehow I feel a bit more like a lady in them. Who cares what psychiatrists write on walls? The silver glittering pattern sparkles along your legs and across the room wherever you go. Tights with small peas will be suitable for those who get hesitated by numerous looks of the surrounding people. Tights (black ones especially) sexually appeal to many males and enhance many mysterious feelings. They could also work well for sexy time of course. Only you and your mirror will know it is the same pair of tights. Let the tights do all the talking. I find they add just the right amount of jazzy sophistication without too much fuss!

Thursday, May 01, 2014

APRIL 2014
When you touch that fabric, it touches you back. I’ve never been fond of wearing sheer nylons during winter. The body says, I am a galaxy. lexicon: love, I, you. You must remember the rain—its teeth. We decided to wear some tights because they kept us warm. The snags in her stockings add edge and a bit of mystery. I became addicted to hosiery fifty years ago and never pass up the opportunity to wear it. I tried wearing it in January and almost cried. I got complimented on my messy hair and stockings, so that made me smile. I've had this umbrella since college and I'm still in love. (The thrill along my spine!) But no peasants will have colour. I love how the nude bronze hose doesn't make a noticeable difference. I have a new affinity for sheer black tights! We decided to make him wear the black skin tights. Galaxies roll through unimagined zones. Tights always make your legs smooth, stylish, and elegant. I ended up laying on the floor taking photos of my shoes. I live for tights I want these tights. Our general was elsewhere, but we drowned. And that first chance was to church! These clothes look their beautiful design and beautiful look. These tend to be mistaken for pantyhose because they almost have the same feel but actually totally different. Members attended located of alleged incident and found no party occurring. Who will speak when I don't know which side I'm on. I should trust men who wear tights. And so she didn't kill herself that afternoon. He never doubts his queen’s devotion. Clouds are white but they darken.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

MARCH 2014
Not giving it shape, but giving in to the shapes. And you cannot go wrong with black tights and shoes. Lady must learn how to seduce using just a pair of pantyhose. We might as well make sure that our hosiery is going to be the best. She asks, holding two fistfuls of tights. There is so much that can be done with a black dress. I have half of my tooth in my hand. The tights will keep them from rubbing and clinking up against each other. I could sit down, but this is more fun. They are necessary if you experience real winters and enjoy wearing dresses. And she's warned me that they're the weirdest nude. Or, you can try propping your foot on a chair and reaching between your legs to clip the stocking in place. They shall henceforth be one of my warmest pairs of tights! I walked through that airport proudly with my black tights. Blue legs and stockings, the language of birds, bees and flowers. Her thin tan pantyhose, her skirt. She was wearing those tights which all the girls wear. An angel, but that is not the word I would use for it. Strangle your straight legs. I wanted to make the tights the surprise highlight of the outfit. I stand in front of history and feel nothing. The worms will give us their verdict. I love that it doesn’t have extra male junk space that I was expecting in the crotch area. I wear the required uniform. His garter would look handsome on his fishnet tights. A pair of thick black tights slides on easily. One seems to have no bones. Yes, definitely back to tights. And they won't be keen on analysing the shudder. The fairy had big translucent wings and bright purple tights. Grass on your smile please you around a winding road.

Saturday, March 01, 2014

No more weird stupid whiskers at my crotch. Off my kneecap like a bullet. Think of all the fun he’ll have peeling those layers off of you. Those things that make girls’ legs look even more awesome. Now arrange crows to reflect sky with their wings. (no cold legs here), and they have words on them. We both have a basket of tights. You kiss my mouth, which tastes like your mouth. Tights that are thick would work quite well. These tights are so adorable that I really wanted to show them off. I'm sure there's lots I don't know about ladies tights, but I'm eager to learn. We can take the nude tights as a symbol that simultaneously represents ideas of oppression and vulnerability. Sometimes a little coverage on the legs is all we need to keep warm. A pair of tights will do. To be a dress is best. I like the way they help channel a vintage and romantic vibe. I love that my tights are not in anyway sedate or ordinary. There is great comfort in slipping into a pair of woolly tights on a freezing morning. On some cold days I’ve actually gone to the extreme of doubling up and wearing two pairs of pantyhose. Try out new silhouettes. I love how they make me feel: totally sexy and very cool. There's nothing like a pair of colourful tights to brighten up an otherwise boring dress. I thought galactic tights would be the way to go. It sounded like a cube of restless ocean. The land undoes its lingerie laces. Skillfully using my hands to keep my legs together. Hearts are my thing and I like them any day of the year. Hearts are perfectly acceptable all year round.

Saturday, February 01, 2014

The impulse that sparks the heart. I even worried that I would lose all of the rhinestones during the evening. Today is Thursday, so I'll die. The whole reason I wear tights is to COVER my legs. Currently, I'm somewhere between icicle and popsicle. But the loved have a history of shifting. Actually they're the same story, only told in different languages. These tights are simply perfect. Good tights are what all of you cold people need right now. Rub candles with an old pair of pantyhose. In Paraguay, a woman shops. Pale kernels swallowed in faith to nourish the migration. I don't know about you, but even in the winter, I wear lots of dresses. These are the narrow moments. A picture of glitter and shadow a kinetic kaleidoscope its eyes. The last sun did not say to him: I am the last sun. And the belly actually feels comfortable over the belly. I love seeing the difference between these two dresses. How had she gotten to the train in the first place? I always, always wear black. The tights were on the move again. This electricity of your obituary. I couldn't keep my shoulders away from my ears, apparently. The moon snags the train of its wedding dress in the blackberry brambles. This poem is about a spoon. We saw the dark circles; we were the dark circles. What's burnt is always burning. It is SO important to just be yourself and not care about what other people think. Receiving new stockings via the mail system is surely one of my great pleasures. Tights, also known as nylons, are exactly that; made of nylon. Apparently I was yearning for the Great City of Romance when I bought these flirty tights.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Hitler also told him Paul Newman was a space alien who had been born in a cave on the moon. Black and white, limbs you loved to draw. Red windows, shut your red mouths. Across the street, the normal pigeons eat. If it's cold enough to wear tights then you shouldn't be exposing your toes! The wife's gone off to Victoria to elect a new bishop for Vancouver Island. Because you’re on a smaller point, you have to stack your bones. So sad I hadn't any nut. Instead they glide on and sit nicely over the skin. There's a cure for that now. She turns the water on and slowly soaks all her outfit. And then there's my heart—it belongs to you. To feel you untie the knotted throat. And yachts have come out to climb on the sea's face. I actually bought two of the sheep. It means that you never know which tights you will get! An alphabet made of trees. What can it Nature to be a woman! But we write our poems when the sun goes down. The tree the omega point of a labyrinth. We met too late. That’s why we ask about pantyhose. The first time I put them on, my legs felt instantly cooled. Every time I stepped out of my apartment someone stopped me to ask if these were tights. Don’t be afraid to have some fun with your legwear. Tights have improved so much through the years. And the birds go on mocking what Ovid makes of them. Green lights everywhere, seen, if not understood. (bee queen of my dream). Good silence swaddled soon in the robin's weird devotion. Each day I wait for the blue to vanish.

Sunday, December 01, 2013

It was as if our souls were suddenly rubbing. I, of course, am wearing a skirt, stockings. I felt like a man trying to fight his way out of a nylon stocking. Because no place on earth could be like Derry. Your legs feel as if they’ve been dipped in velvety butter. Snow really doesn't stop me from wearing dresses and skirts. I don't wear pantyhose and just started wearing tights and I will always wear underwear with them. Not so good, really, beyond a crow. Let's rush up to heaven right now and cling together. Owl raps, acting as horses, and all sorts of other mayhem. Do not slide down my body as the day wears on. The seams are strategically placed to accent your legs in their best form and your bottom. Men will run faster to catch up with a girl in tight pants. There's something about tights that just makes the leg look so much better. The woman approached him, seductively dressed and sly of heart. Yet the forest is the coming and the going. The hawk swoops at dawn. Lace around my neck, lace peeking out of a sweater, lace on shorts. Kneeling in the dark and whispering my sins to a man in skirts. I went to a party in college once wearing bright pink tights. For these women, tights are an important part of life. No more removing your tights in the pub’s bathroom because you are about to pass out. In autumn evening, the outline of a woman broke the purple horizon. If your shoe is red, do not wear red tights. But who says you have to stick to boring black stockings? You can wear tights four different ways. In other news, I am selling a pair of purple tights. Tights can add to the sophistication of an outfit. The man from Manchester has my breast in his hand. No woman can make it through this season without black tights.

Friday, November 01, 2013

You know all about the drama of dirty tights. Opaque tights are perfectly appropriate in an office setting. I am still having so much fun with these mustard tights. The act of severing lodges in the limb. And you can dress it up with a scarf or dress it down with tights. I need to wear some serious tights if I don't want to freeze. The mornings are cold so I keep wanting to wear tights. The shepherd is our Lord. Time to get out those tights and hosiery. You like tights on a man? I thought it was a good chair. I will grab you under your wolf. My lorry's on fire. Open shoes ahead on fingers should not be wear with tights. I've never ventured into the world of white tights. Impassable paths overcome with bees, the stigma that bees bring. This is my cold hand on the doorknob. The owl in the barn is so still. What makes you think that a miracle is telling you to take that stain off your face? If you insist on wearing tights, they should be all black. From the window you can see which trees I mean. The grid encodes an understanding. She pulled that hair up off her face she pulled her stockings on. My pretzel is askew. They're sheeping everyone! The moon had frostbite. As one might have the imperial librarian descend. Winter is coming and different tights can make your outfit special. His page of unsolved equations is blowing down the cobblestones. If the woman is old, breakfast is hopeless. The first thing I did was cut out long strips of cardboard, almost as long as my legs.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Bring tights, boots, and comfy dresses to Canada. Wearing of tights has a history going back several centuries, when they were worn by men. My earliest wish was not to exist. It breathed in the hedge. These are a nice way of adorning your legs with quirky and feminine printed stockings. They won't understand because their heart is still whole. Even the big ships sound frightened. What really got my thoughts going were thinking about the actual sensation of the pantyhose itself. I look naughty in tights. Tights are beautiful, unique, and make any outfit explode with character. Everyone needs a great pair of black tights. Black is pretty much best; the leg will look long and lean. Easy to deny it's impossible to be who you are. And the tights have really struck a chord. In the cocktail of my inaccuracy. And I found myself in the dark of love. But he no longer knows where he walled me in. Dancers in black tights with television cameras for heads. I think I can get away with tights most days. Heat it to almost boiling, then let your tights go for a delicious dip. Syntax has never eaten from my hand. Also for you married ladies they can count as lingerie. EVERYONE needs a good trench. Tights are mine and my otherwise cold bottom’s best friend. One tends to smirk at the thought of spelunking forever after. I am drilling on carpet. Next week discover how useful a pair of women's tights can be! When I show up with my black tights, demin skirt and black boots will i look excessively keen? My hovercraft is full of eels. Whatever it is that makes people sigh when they lie down.

Sunday, September 01, 2013

When he left he smashed the night. Imperfection might prove one form of salvation. Anything from saints to squid, from sausages to shrimps. Wild heartless heart that loves us. But lilac scares me. I could hardly be blamed for not wanting to be anyone but her. I wonder if I'll ever love this house. Cut a hole in the crotch, and slip your head and arms through. I needed another pink accessory to add to my arsenal. It is much more appealing to watch a woman roll down her high stockings. I like having to wear tights under my dress. And became the breath of fish. We're mostly in the feet of swans, black as drums. I have a very hard time resisting great tights. Opaque black tights are captivating enough by themselves. Any of my black slip dresses would have done the job. Girls always want to look gorgeous and stylish. The river was another king. The tall nurse broadcasting our secret. Gulls puncture the blue between kites. Or was it just a series of accidents? If you want to really set pulses racing, take a tip from times gone by and invest in some seamed tights or stockings. Winter's not what it used to be. I looked out the window and saw a tree. I’ve got one word for you: pumpkin. In a fire of languages that halted prayer. A summer wind blows night's long dress. I still prefer the classic look of pink tights. Tights have improved so much through the years. A soul will come out of the fields. She might meet the pigeon of her life tonight.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

JULY 2013
My hosiery drawer is mainly rammed with black opaque. It was like lying in bed at night next to the world. Your legs in these tights will look like gossamer thread entangled. This is the first year in ages we have not been in Wisconsin. She burbled to the glass and dozed against it. She kicked me in the shin and I couldn’t feel it because I was laughing. As soon as you slip them on, you will become the person who is meant to wear them! Is it something to do with the gusset? The air around me knows your name. It especially doesn't help to feel eyes staring from the other room! Your carrots are in no danger. The sea, gone miles out of its way, is there. Slipping her fist into seamed and seamless stockings. The topography differs considerably. The hands make the world every day. To look at her was to see a fire. I’ve always wanted to wear skirts and dresses more too but this is secondary to my tights fixation. One of the girls playfully rubbed her self on me I could hardly contain myself. He dreams he is the great air itself. As he aims from grim height for the promise of blue. You lick your cobwebs and the corners glitter. And a god I can swallow. I want each to follow the footsteps of the psychopomp. These stockings were incredibly soft, and felt like air to put on! Pantyhose are the most sexiest piece of clothing a woman can wear. Your slip shimmered on the bathroom door. Yes, we can all agree that red tights look good on the man. The world was birds. It was pretty hilarious watching him fish down his leg to get it out. His eyes cut fear into her heart. And then her fingers tear the water open and her body.

Monday, July 01, 2013

JUNE 2013
If you can't show red, why bother filming? Michigan seems like a dream to me now. You are a sandwich. I am an old woman writing poetry. It is utterly unlikely that you will ever run into anyone wearing the same pair of tights. Lay the tights on the sheet of paper and spray on each leg.T is for tits. I think of your quiet grave now and again. I am being followed by a flock of winged words. The sun started to shine so bright that I looked like a maniac wearing tights. This world is too good for us. The dreamer yearning for spring is horizontal. Nothing likes to be abandoned. When you appease my heart, I've nothing left to say. That dark seam in the sky that ripped open. A darkness shining in brightness which brightness could not comprehend. And there is punishment written in the margins. Would make fish of us all. The meek leggings of fog, its crude smallnesses. Anyway who wants two gestures to illustrate a loaf and a jug. Red trousers save lives. Eat the bread of our body's slough. They say a crow will remember a person's face for years. It takes a playful heart and a bold personality to wear purple pantyhose. Deer don't like pantyhose either. Are you sure you want to do this in your ballet clothes? This isn't the love you sent back to the kitchen. I tossed on tights under my dress and declared myself ready to face Monday. People will definitely look at you if you are wearing these tights. Do you think if I were to wear one pair of tights over the other it'd be completely opaque?

Saturday, June 01, 2013

MAY 2013
Maybe I’ll become a novelist. Can you raise yourself onto your toes by an inch? I wore opalescent white nylons that made my legs white and shimmery like a unicorn. It is the perfect time to have fun with hosiery. They translated the blackboard's fog to letters. The red rubber fountain of ecstasy. But for the sheer fun of it, you should treat yourself to coloured tights. Our love is like the flowers. Have you a fire for me? Frothing for a blunted, lovestruck glint of moon. Auburn nylon thighs encircled my happy and sad face. Raising his timid hands to touch the dim Irish fire of her hair. I just couldn't let this girl not be in tights and heels. But the ones that are open on the fingers. But then my tights population multiplied too quickly. I am wearing some navy blue ones right now and it just occurred to me how much I love them. The message is clearly in the rainbows. A happenstance of riffle and spume. I was the big stupid dinosaur in the middle. We want your stories (and your used tights) to better understand how tights affect us. You feel that every single part of these adorable neutral tights is truly loveable and lovely! And immediately took to calling me Mr. Tights. I took a practice finesse yesterday. I did not present a ready target for the arrow that flies by night. I almost never leave the house in a skirt or dress without pantyhose. To secure the carp along the river road. That burning mouse had set a great course of events in motion. I like the idea of hot spicy legs. A goat, the neck of a man. I am talking about the blackest of black; the most opaque tights money can buy. Nylons make any outfit more complete.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

APRIL 2013
I went back and got the red tights because I liked them. These were adorable tights and fun. I'm really not that fond of getting stuck to inanimate objects. Always have an extra pair of tights with you. Because fish swim out of my mouth. The moon has its own job. The cows stared blankly at your car. In this we grow lonely though not alone. One must learn to live with stone. We talk about the passing stars and owls and undersea creatures. Which I loved against the black tights! You, when young, dreamed you'd become a tree. The churn of stale words in the heart again. There's just something so appealing about feet in tights and hosiery, isn't there? She displayed glamorous beauty even in red tights. Dublin wakes to horses and rain. The holes in thick tights are either nonexistent or too fine to let water pass through. I must live in my lantern. You have left but I haven't stopped kissing your lips. A pride man is below to pig. Some sounds are lost forever. She was really helpful with a pair of French tights. I like the alien legs! And I, daring and secure, waved back at her waving. We come from love, and love we crave. The butterflies left Poland on Tuesday. Listening hard for the sound of our own disappearance. In the winter, under whistling stars. They have discovered the joys of the silky feel of tights. Exiting one another with the kiss.

Monday, April 01, 2013

MARCH 2013
This room is a room. No mentally deranged wantons. One stays in the past and dies. Happiness of the hand and heart. Everyone knows the age of luck is over. When you are alone you can see. Her corset among laughter and waving hands. He walks into a thin morning. Any sounds a mouth might make. Did each daybreak haunt her like a blank page? I'm the girl who added the white tights. But I never forgot those pretty, shiny turquoise shoes. I'm not that kind of poet. I was just covered with sodium. The ribs are very apparent. I am a girl who loves her tights. We feel we have always been very far away. Is it something to do with the gusset? You have left but I haven't stopped kissing your lips. I think it is a good sign that spring has arrived in Switzerland. Some sounds are lost forever.  He later confessed that those tights got his attention. And even this old skin belongs to someone. Embodiment is the river's use of mud. I swindle with the silence of words, because I live in them. I think we are inside a flower. And a pair of black tights had slithered down his now very feminine legs. Today I have black opaque tights and knee boots with a knitted dress. For some cosmic reason they play together nicely. I would put them in black tights and black shoes. We decided that it would be fun to do it on the roof.

Friday, March 01, 2013

A gesture's meaning as the shaken air resounds. It carved a groove into the ceiling. Which is not the world but its glove and dress. But when I remember that tights exist, things get a little brighter. The goats traipse a diagonal. Doing so with a gradually shrinking text size from thigh to ankle. Something about them makes your legs look cuter. Preferably if ones that wear them with school uniforms. Above her, the bird unfolds. And these tights changed my life! But this year, I want to try to be more adventurous with tights. The biggest difference is when standing or between windy gusts. I fell toward the pulse in your thighs. It's like a hand above my knee. Hide every distant thing. Squeeze out each stocking GENTLY without stretching or pulling. Sexy times – the tights that ripped. Next week discover how useful a pair of women's tights can be! I will not live without a backyard again. Pulled tight over the buttocks and somewhat transparent. I very much appreciate my woman wearing stockings. Sometimes women tend to forget the importance of tights into their wardrobe. If I were you I'd erect a staircase. My eyes just keeps looking at her long legs and I start imagining sucking her breasts. My only regret is that I can't get my entire body into them. She loves her deep red cable tights and the pink spotted ones. Legs blue from cold? The public elevated them to a status worthy of awe (it must be their tights).

Friday, February 01, 2013

You gave me a boot (signs on it!) and I ate the wind. Hug me, damn it all, and I'll kiss you back to life.And around its scorched cap she has twilled a twine of flame. Written in smoke and blurred by mist and signed of solitude, sealed by night. Look on a boa in his beauty and you'll never more wear your strawberry leaves. If I lose my breath for a minute or two, don't speak, remember! I live for tights and boots. All the world rides us, and I think we shall never ride anybody. Music consisted of light and light came on time. I feel almost as if I’m naked, but I’m not. Sometimes women tend to forget the importance of tights. Do not break these proofs of eternity. I want gap between my tights. I thought of it as a woman not a man. Pink doves once blinked, two. Especially for a girl up here in the prairie with the strong wind and the big snows! If hungering for anything, we're hungering for fire. Would prove your body was made of moths. Let your love of sweet adornments continue into very aspect of your outfit. And the birds actually prefer it when you don't sing to them. What wickedness clings to me. I had no idea you were such a fan of the mollusk. If having a peacock feather or a jellyfish winding its way up your leg can be considered restrained. I am wearing three pairs of tights. (which I suspect may be much more glamorous than actually being an octopus). They are simply men who like to wear pantyhose. The tights are meant to be a reflection of lava, ice, wind and rain in Reykjavik. I was glad to be back in a dress. Put them on slowly, and gently bend while applying them over your legs. I'm obsessed with hearts. Yesterday morning, I left the house wearing a pair of ribbed orange tights.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

That chemical echo of your screaming voice. She was wearing an ivory dress with black tights. When I shut my eyes, it vanishes.  And allow your tights to be your statement. Everything in life falls apart eventually, so just put on your sheer tights. A strong, pale wind on the thighs. A hotel is not a big clay window. (Boys' pocket knives probe and torture bark). Dresses and tights aren't inappropriate clothes. Groin muscles were stretched to their very limits. And now the seeds are tired of assembling. Marzipan arms, breasts like pink cones of vanilla. Then curves like water waiting for a dam.  Both is too much and neither isn't enough. All you have to do is just use your imagination and take a risk. I’m not willing to give up pretty pretty skirts! Don't you have a goat that needs worming? Use the two drawing pins to attach the tights to the wall. And she stepped on the ball. I have tried out and tried on hundreds of black tights. The morning is quickened by the tongues of bells. Wonder what became of the ears. Pantyhose, to me, are one of many symbols of womanhood. Is that why everything’s so difficult? All my people are with me now. The banjo becomes angry at midnight. Even a boy can be a hotel. I've broken 4 pairs of stockings in the past week. I'm trying to get a visual of purple tights. Fill each piece with lavender and tie the ends. I've started exploring anything resembling pantyhose.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

I still take pleasure in sharing my zeal for tights.  Love toes in nylon. While my pantyhose itched and my atheist. I can't help falling in love with those purple fishnet tights! You might have a blind salamander's chance. Fling out the hooves of your hands! It’s no secret that I love wearing tights. A window gives birth to a thousand windows. Under all that nasty mud, I'm wearing the perfect tights. I can't tell you how excited I am to be wearing tights! When the snow came you said you loved me. I can barely even comprehend the idea of snow. I stepped outside yesterday in a new dress and tights. She soon warmed to them when she realised they were stockings. (or stockings, or pantyhose, whichever your prefer). Apart from the knees they are not prone to aging so quickly. Had she ever even fully savoured the joys of being a transvestite? An unvoiced series of sentences. I tend to buy tights because of how beautiful or crazy they look. I’m always thinking about shiny tights. The angels know us one by one. But if you are a tall woman, wear shoes that make you look taller! Everything looks better with black lace tights and leather boots! People are used to seeing me in colourful tights, heels and miniskirts. The men are young and this is a song. This time the bikini will be used in the magic act. Stockings give her the confidence she needs to go on stage. My predator pockets the ring and slinks away. I know you like the dark. Polishing shoes and removing leeches by taking them off after swimming in tropical fresh water.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Tights enable me to wear dresses and be a little bit lady like. And for what, except for you, do I feel love? A girl has to have a pair of black tights. Them tights done met its match! In adulthood they get sexy. I thought it did laid out on the bed. I enjoyed coming home and slowly slipping into them. What do I wear with brown dresses? That's the channel the elastic goes through to bend, meaning that their legs bend backwards! Love goes away the way this river flows away. The sad night ticks like a homemade bomb. How do you do business with a man who has no door? Let me help you put those tights on. And of course you can’t look at fudge again. But this is not my ultimate goal. The calves press against the geometrical surface almost to the point of bursting. If it ripped, I was almost positive I was attempting to put on a pair of stockings. There is no better layering piece than a nice sheer black tight. How can you sting somebody opening their eyes? This hat is an idiot. I never knew that those cozy little rascals can be so warm and elegant at the same time. The worst thing that can happen happened here. The females they are looking for are microscopic. Not the actual punched heart, but the hole it leaves behind. That owl gone hunting is the ghost. Our tights really are more than tights. He broke his seat! The light blue opaque tights look great on her or any other attractive woman for that matter. Pantyhose should seem like an old friend. I would slowly lift up her skirt and straddle her and lightly rub myself against her. The red tights pull everything together.

Monday, October 01, 2012

My burning desire for dark pantyhose overwhelmed my fear of God. That way you still don't get ink on your leg. Then you just prance around the house until the tights dry. Do update your stash of black tights, and pair them with a bright shoe! What's half tight, half sock and all genius? Leave your sleeve behind, and wear your heart on your legs. My breasts are sensing that this one knows something. I told myself I would ask her about her tights. The most perfect badge in the history of badges. The ones in your hands are probably the right size. Or visually lengthen your legs by wearing the same shade as your shoes. I do think you should throw a pair of tights on him and see what happens. Flesh to feast on, bones to gnaw on. I got to wear tights for the first time this week. Try and find a raincoat in Brazil. The colder months have the potential to be dark and depressing. That's just another man in tights trying to save the world. When the little lady puts this on all she wants to do is twirl. My winter wardrobe formula is to take a dress I’ve been wearing all summer long and add pair of tights. I will only call the ocean. And though I have a drawer overflowing with tights, I still keep stocking up. That's that new thing people are doing. A robot nervously kicked the electric coffin. Wearing tights with hearts on the knees make me want to jump for joy. And I'm a known freeze baby. I always aspire to wear tights and boots. The leaves are coming down which means the tights are going up in our house. But nothing beats the feeling of pantyhose. See anything green? It should be about dreams of beauty.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Still, this I believe: there are walls, and then there are walls. Scintillating flames in the vision, reaching down or crawling up. But the sheer fact of hosiery is sexy in and of itself. Horses who just want to sit under a tree and look at a cloud. In smoky bluish depths, the mermaids wish. I was almost half way to making tights for an octopus. Other universes stack up. Rain bounces back into itself from the road. I feel drier and less damp in opaques. It makes sense as they were slightly transparent and at certain angles I could see my knickers through them!   I prefer shape to skin. My friend watches chicken embryos form their hearts. The white tights! Better to carve waves in grieving space. I have to be knitted back together. Makes you wonder what the one in green tights did to make someone angry! In an Albanian's sense of paradise. Plastic duck, the flute that's rusted. Conjugations of spoons in the refectory. Flashing and flashing, ejecting their sperm into the sea. Hey...does my penis look big in these tights? Its frozen magma a squat imperial throne. The tiny smudge of a dog sleeping. In a nutshell wear the tights. I know there isn't that much difference between tights. Possession of a stolen shovel. Your fur shines with a halogen brilliance. Do you have a garment that you're just dreaming to find? We love about time is what we love. It's up to you whether you want the spiders on the front or back of your legs. None of which addresses the bread people.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

JULY 2012
Italian boys grew onions and garlic. And slow talk is how gods murmur. This is because I am the sky. A kiss is a salt mirage in smitten air. Brass in my bewildered hand. Eye have always loved listening to language like this. This dream is too dry. Tell me about your tights and what you do in them. My heart drains like sand from a shoe. We must protect the world from time's corrosion. And then a hand smaller than my hand covered Wisconsin. But now I'm wandering through a maze whose every prospect pleases. Watching an orgy, in Russia or elsewhere. I did the first time I got married because I didn't want my thighs to rub together. What kind of nuts are found in the eyes of a goat? The galaxy print makes my hormones go crazy. And tights being tights, they don't do that. I wanted softer touches. I love the idea of a freezer stacked with tights. A considerate partner would have responded in a red suit. He asks for a dozen apples, I tell him my uncle is a little worse. Pantyhose are much like a person, strong yet unique. In the silences there was a great sea between us. Adding flare to an outfit and making the wearer feel happy, sexy and confident. I went to get my stubborn pony. One is meant to mimic bare legs, one isn't. I'd love to live somewhere that made it possible for me to dress like this all year round. She offered me some of her tights to deal with the issue. You can't see what the mirror doesn't show. Have you ever grown your own leeks before? A heart wants to be used, fed.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

JUNE 2012
There is no rhythm of events. The two patterns should be opposites, but still complement one another. We're a bunch of suicidal spiders. And try to figure out if we danced with any transvestites. We are descendants of the second cell. It had the sound of a snake slipping out of a refrigerator. The buttons on that dress, the grief of that cold water. Love's blade might strike the jetting vein again. It's simple: I'd like to buy and wear all I can see! Ducks are good because they have no arms. I’d be an idiot if I didn’t marry this girl she’s so great. Who will you dream of tonight? It is an attractive way to make your jeans extraordinary. These are more tangerine and feel delicious on. Sometimes the tights consumed me. The fox burying his grandmother under a hollybush. Throb, a throb, a pulsing proud erect. I have to look nude but not be nude. I felt an electric jolt as I slid them onto my legs. Time's ruins build eternity's mansions. Do you often hang packages of human hair in the vines around here? London's teapot and I'm simply teapot all over me. Tiny roulette planets fly from his hands. She dreamed of having had an unspoken unremembered conversation with a horse whose name had been Joseph. We are the country that is tamed by children. If you can slip it over some hose, you're good. My spirit animal is going to eat your spirit animal. I was told long ago that the pink tights show the lines better. The cotton seam should stretch enough to go over her head. I spent the whole evening convinced people were staring at my legs.

Friday, June 01, 2012

MAY 2012
Some strand determines infatuation as a daughter's fate. They're just so hard to part with! Swim the magic ocean I've been crying all these years. They seemed to gain a second wind from the brush with mortality. Tights are meant to cover and accentuate the form. I spent the afternoon running around my garden in checked tights and eyeliner. Think of him as Brian and kick the snot out of him. Danger was greenest blue, was red, was a green tune filled with cats. I'm ready for a pillow. We were kissing, and then we weren’t, and you had your face between my legs. It was like reading another language; a language I should have picked up in my teens. This tiny spiral staircase in the corner appears to be moving. It may even give you a rush of excitement to make a purchase now. I love the feel of multiple layers of tights on my legs. Who was this saint of glass? Elephants whose tusks went to Connecticut. It was an elegant umbrella and the ferrule was barely scratched. They keep talking until they reach December. Tights are designed to cover the entire leg and the hip. One who is preoccupied with displaying their own internal struggles. Have you ever wore tights and a pink tutu and whirled and twirled all day? Now you can perform an underwater ballet with this tutu and tights! The first slaughter is for victory, but the second slaughter is for grief. These are the stockings I am wearing, and one reason why I want to wear a short dress. After a few questions, the groundskeeper laughed. A pair of mannequin legs turned upside down and fitted with nylon stockings. And it always says that it's the shirt that went wrong. October loves these patterned tights. I think I’m going to spend this summer living in tights. The tights findings in Iceland have been quite resplendent. But once you move back into black, you're in the realm of stockings again.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

APRIL 2012
What the ocean wants, it takes. They enter and exit through mirrors of blood. Who doesn't love a good octopus? What a fun way to punch up my constant rotation of dresses and tights. As if we're gathering stones in our skirts. I may begin to fold myself. I do not know the names of things. We meet a priest who pulls a rope. I put on some fun tights and a cute dress just to sit in my office upstairs. Causing it to slowly creep up the front of my legs, and eventually bulge out at the crotch. Jesus wasn't a snowman. I need to start thinking outside the hue families. I am a girl and I do not mind. I have to say, it looked like one hell of a kiss. Does change the polymer chain and make them more durable. One more excuse to throw on a pair before summer. To be able to stroke the softness of them is a sensual experience as well as an erotic one. Crushed stones as bright as heaven's salt. I love these tights and woke up this morning and decided to be silly. Does it only work on white stockings or it is more effective with other colours? I came to dance with the Puerto Rican women. I love brides in tights!!! Don't ask why the print reminds me of a teacher. The dead splintered like ghosts. The earth being broken, or the sound we make. Yet their pale iridescence pleases me. To sniff those tights after practice. I twisted and manipulated silk in the same way I would with dumplings. Presumes to be a clementine. Can be squeezed for something far more nourishing.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

MARCH 2012
Like watery words awash, like meanings said. There is a fine line between prostitute fishnets and trendy fashion fishnets! Tights are enduring products of style that reflect the tastes of a woman. How about starting with green legs! Tonal vertical stripes gives your legs subtle and sexy style. In America even a pig can aspire to immortality. In the end, it's all about the black tight. I was scared to wear it because it reminded me of a bumble bee. I tried to put my hands in my pocket AND cross my legs. Now it's dark. That way there is no unsightly bulge at the waist. I wrote a letter and I gave it to Jenny. After 24 hours, remove the pantyhose from the freezer and let it thaw naturally. If you feel you must wear something on your legs, black tights or good nude hose. These tights have opened a whole new world to me. Our heads are just houses without enough windows. That way, you lessen the chance of things snagging on the stockings when they're in your drawer. He was found naked except for black stockings and a garter belt. The plants are moving under the rug. (The elephants are, anyway.) Lay both legs of the tights together, and begin painting the second leg. I am crazy about sorbet stockings. Just imagine the pantyhose with the skulls on that physical specimen. The belt reminds me of a deck of cards. The door was real and the door was earnest. Clear blue skies following a rainy day (much like today!) May clinging breasts always come to your aid in the kitchen. Brian stay out of the hospital. When I'm your partner, I suffer a lot. Go Clippers! And we got to talking about how they fight off pirates (they do).

Thursday, March 01, 2012

There is nothing more beautiful than a vulnerable grid. With each false breath, you are drifting closer. My sister is obsessed with skulls. Naturally they’d be European. The night my father died I buried myself. Try wearing them when they will barely be seen to get in the habit. The pond mistakes itself for the time being. I feel as though i am walking on a cloud. Surprisingly I have never worn it with blue tights. He felt his tights allowed women to run and catch a cab and still look elegant. Signs wave their arms as we pass over. And when he thought of sex, it was as of a process which could tear him limb from limb. My Eyes meet my Eyes but they are not my Eyes. No grumpiness or surliness for this gal; just bright red tights. I was terrified for the entire hour I was in there. Nobody knows why a zombie quickly sat on the grumpy candle. However, this particular elephant nervously cleaned a dancing pile of biscuits. A cat painted a screaming gardener. And so, the monkey destroyed a confusing dead body. Put me near a stage and I yearn for tights. The robot angrily kicked the flaming paper. There is always one left behind on the shore. Or, at a pinch, tights. Can you please come here and rip my tights? And even some questionable licking. I personally find elephant ankles sexy. But since that's covered by the corset, it'll look correct. Nothing's changed, I still love my tights! I was taught to think about love in Chinese.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Perfume has no gender. Uncover the nakedness of an unknown body in the fields of blue. It's the sparkle you become when you conquer anxiety. The river felt she wanted salt. Roll my vertebrae out like dice. Only I wondered if I threw out my shaving water. I am the bastard naked before the bitch. She writes foot fortunes money times over in the nursery dust with her capital thumb. She astonished reporters with that remark. A buttonhole for Sputnik. After their battle thy fair bosom. I could easily have gone out with a nail at sunset. There's no sabbath for nomads. Never slip the silver key through your gate of golden age. Pass the fish for Christ's sake! The moon is very important to me. How hopeful pigs are. The dress is great with delicate shoes and tights for weddings. If I start to fish, something is wrong. Peeling the nylon from the layer of sweat on our legs. The overgrown moss looks incredible! Pick up the cloak and go! Each rock electric as a brain. Sleep is water. Kissing pebbles, visiting your veins, telling you mythologies. Her frozen steps will melt beyond definition. She wakes to a mouthful of husbands. A myth is a lie breathed through silver. They are a sliver of light within the atlas of time. I have to remind myself it’s beautiful. They're not just for warmth anymore.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

And time and fire and time and hunger and time plus time. I want the words to rebuild the house in shambles. The skeletal airs of oboe and bassoon. Her collarbone, hips, knees and perfect feet. My face literally turned as red as my tights! To acquiesce like a dead sponge does. My palm is too wide to squeeze into them. Sometimes she bites the cats, but even they find it adorable. The sun finds a place on our skin and has no need to make it shine. As you can see, I am definitely enjoying these tights. One night you said you could see her smile again. I want actually opaque tights. Venus, after all, is the queen of the morning. I walked home with eyes that melted snow. Before long that itchy goose began to strut around the office like a lunatic. Do you remember when you were a little girl and your mom dresses you up with skirts with white tights! We had no such exotica at our table. Sometimes, given atmospheric change and mines, your toe explodes. It actually got to be so much that I was sure people were actually mocking me. The strength of human ingenuity and the beauty of having fun whatever the temperature. Quit when your thighs feel tremble and have difficulty supporting you. Panthers lope silently among the trees. Of little use to her now was the pistol she kept in her underwear drawer. The wallet woke up. It's hard to describe, but I think tights feel great to wear. No song would escape for a month or more. O what the songs didn't tell us! In those days men with the same face shot one another. He resembled a stuffed armadillo, an ageless iguana. Some eggs don't even exist. We experience a hilarity of misadventures in our pursuits of sexual pleasure. 

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Brown arm green gaze black boat blown sand barbed wire. Tonight, for instance, I am a wave. We cultivate with iron tea and hours. And sun that tasted of young honey. It was cool, quiet and nowhere. A sibilance of rhythm that works the atmosphere. Buzzards over the field, and crows, then a circus of bats. Love has nothing to do with it. There is no purple evident in the dress. There are mountains in my skylight. I know her arms and legs are moving. I'm obsessed with my pink tights. Smile when she makes you happy. We cram our closet with sunrise. But how does it begin in this world? I always seem to find myself attracted to the same shades of gray. I have to ask why the choice of black tights? The trigger's beautiful and simple. There is a moisture that hangs in the air and surrounds you at all times.  Flowers have never been flowers. Its hobble is powerful as it mounts the outcrop. The practical difference between the two is whether a woman must cover her lower leg. I’d sleep in tights to avoid seeing my translucent Irish skin. And they remember the story of the night. I am in love with that rock picture. It covered the sky with stone.  My stunned and disbelieving eyes noted that on that occasion she was wearing dark stockings. You are puncturing my imported muffler. No god forgives such things.  I had a rather apocalyptic battle with a starving prostitute.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

I'm in desperate need of some tights right now. Afterward, he removed the weight and let the fabric relax. The toe stitchings are aligned with my toes so no uncomfortable twisting. I can indulge in a rainbow of rich, sumptuous colours on my pins. Great control and they last forever. The thigh bones just aren't long enough because they don't make it all the way up. They really make all the difference. This auction has not developed happily. They comfortably hold everything where it should be! If she does take that coat off she’s wearing a leotard. Although a great pair of nude fishnets are always elegant. Pantyhose solves a lot of problems! In other words, tights I can wear in the Philippines!!! I am curious to see if you still believe that fishnets are for hookers. Just imagine a girl working down the snowy street. I also have a pair covered in bananas, with a different monkey face on each toe. Most of them had pianos. They’re amazingly soft and feel gorgeous on your legs. Finally, it’s time to return to tights. The dense weave of the tights will keep everything appropriate.  I eat the monkey's militias.  It is simple and it is almost not sad. She is literally being eaten by her own tiara. It was blown all the way to my face! If there is a word for them, it’s no word. What do the ghosts say to dreams?  You'll kiss me hard and speak to me. An intimate talisman sealed to a discrete area of the body. There's someone behind the cosmic curtain. Tender obliquity saw it off. A trunk whose every nerve aspires to homelessness.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

But that's nothing to a tortoise. He has to watch the sun and moon from underneath, is all. Modest dress makes a girl only more beautiful. The thrill of speed as we aimed for the cathedral. Everyone will think I painted my legs! Keep for you their mountings most sumptuous. Buying purple tights is very uncharacteristic of me. Lots and lots of fun and funky tights. Because things like steeples piercing sun rays make me happy. Pantyhose are by far the sexiest article of clothing a woman can wear. One big smiling eye on the left and an eye with tear on the right. This week we’re all about tights and tutus. I said the same thing to the weather just this morning. The rest of the time you can count your coin. She and he and the lake are mostly water. So, if you are wearing a black dress, wear black tights; grey dress, grey tights. There is often a fingertip that meets another. An empty space that had somehow given birth to a cat. The forgotten lover glimpsed in the alchemy of the dream. A person's pleasure must be his own serious business. I wish I had a velvet bikini. Seven elephants standing in the rain. I pretty much wear tights throughout the year. My hand touched a leg in nylon stocking but slipped off. I shook my hand and the elephant took his leg away. I love how the pattern of the tights gives the pumpkin so much personality! And I'll take good care of my nylons. Those moths in November, where are they now, do you think? I like the idea of shimmying into some luxurious cashmere specimens. A great way to keep warm and look fabulous all at the same time.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Doing everything from lounging to stretching to taking them off. My hat and stockings ended up matching the flowers. When I want someone to look at them and be aroused. Cute boy in pantyhose, who can ask for more? Control a woman's remote control. The moon is growing bigger (young moon). There is something so wonderful about pulling on a pair of tights which you know have been worn and enjoyed by a woman. And tried to get women to engage in sexually explicit conversations about pantyhose. And wait for that little marble squirrel. Though iridescent between hedge and pine. Blown umbrella, arrow reversed in wind. Turns out all the other judges wore black too that day! Now I understand the circles. He looked down from outer space through all the clouds. I am my own God—why shouldn't I be? They hear him at night pouring out the jar of lentils. Or it might be the Bishop of Bermuda disapproving of my night life. Lips moistened, opening to speak. Now truth is the pulse where her tongue used to be. Dig with spoons, or you'll fling one over your shoulder. I strike the king with his scepter. There is dependable rain paving your dubious road. This time the dream allows the building to stand. I do trust your thumbs. You can't imagine the wings. Black tights, there's something about them the longer you wear them the blacker they get. As if looking both ways, my hand in your voice. Hosiery can be enjoyed by everybody. Back out, back up, quagmire, circle. A father learns a certain way to close a door. Chinese horror in a woman's nylon stocking.

Monday, August 01, 2011

JULY 2011
A horse's hoof as it rises off a stone. That you were blameless, that you were luminous. His eyes slid down the front of her dress. The light makes you seem strong enough to scrape off the darkness. I like fashion magazines. But most of all I wanted to see your eyes. Of knowing which bedroom drawer she kept her nylon hose in. If she comes in I'll say I was showing you the incunabula. The ghosted images so perfectly arranged in her mind. Many a married man has had his jilly. You'd be surprised at how much use I get out of these babies. It's not the same as when I flew inside the grapefruit. And he immediately wants to eat all the time and probably does not write poems about the unknown error. You can almost believe that if you were allowed to touch her breast, you'd live forever. Girls wearing pantyhose have always drawn my attention. He made those tights himself. It will allow you to wear outfits that are cute. Try wearing them around your house until you feel confident enough to share your awesomeness with the world! It just depends on how low is low. And so you find a faded dress and soft old rose cardigan with white tights… Does the whip come with those tights? I am always comfortable with body wearing tights. I always feel more confident when I am wearing a dress and my legs are covered. He looks like evil Chinese. I'm torturing my organism and I have to bare my mother's screams to eat. I thought of you yesterday when I was putting on my tights. You can instantly lift any outfit with some cool tights. It's as if the piano tried to bite me. I like the little way the line runs up the back of the stockings. A broken spoon may become a fork. Next time I will kick him with my clogs until he leaves my wide frame of urban cool.

Friday, July 01, 2011

JUNE 2011
The continents are in pieces, the empire a mess.  I was either looking down at the ground, flailing my arms about or pulling a weird face.  The hands on my ass could not have been my wife's.  And I feel even cooler if my tights are red.  God pardons singers no matter what they do.  I have imagined an ideal death.  Are you in love with gold tights too?  Bring me a snack and some octopus.  Lonely as a single barge weeping its rust in the water.  The unwrapped pair, scrunched and rubbed in my hands, feels thick, spongy, and light.  Pantyhose and tights make my legs look much better.  I remember even as a small child that I wanted to be Daphne from Scooby Doo.  Place something permeable over the top (I used old tights) and rinse the seeds.  And the way the red of the tights brings out the red of your hair.  Light fabrics are feminine and pretty.  Shouldering their bags they trudged, the red Egyptians.  Proud: rich: silk stockings.  A brother is as easily forgotten as an umbrella.  Decadence is hardly dead.  Tan tights are particularly popular in the spring and summer.  Tights are my safety blanket.  They dress you up and make your legs look great.  The best garment for each and every woman who operates, when mixed with a pair of black opaque tights.  Ladies with a fuller figure, you will be spoilt for choice.  Once they pulled them on they had no desire to take them off.  Not necessarily brand, not necessarily Japanese.  When she removed her boots, she was wearing black pantyhose.  But if I HAD to show my legs, it would be only in black tights.  When I first started dressing up to become the girl of my dreams, I was truly ecstatic.  They shined under the light, and showed that I have a wild side. 

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

MAY 2011
But sometimes that's what a song needs in order to survive the time it was born in.  What's half tight, half sock and all genius?  I never knew that days were held together by singing.  I promise you librarians & hosiery = hot.  All the dresses are gone.  How to swim beyond the sharks inside the lake of my own heart?  Tractor trawling brickish dust balloon cloud, hauling.  It may be unique, but you also lose the visual benefit of looking long and lean in all black.  You are that inconsolable sorrow of mine.  You fly over the yard, in our mouths.  I tried shading myself in the bushes to prevent you from being blinded by my hot pink legs.  It is lemon, pure undiluted lemon! These tights feel great on the legs, even if you wear them all day long.  A week of words with no repeated letters.  Now I can’t get into my tights (SO comfortable) and loose fitting tunics (incredibly breezy and cool!) fast enough.  A ship performs just this task, with fidelity.  No dowry dress, we mean no harm.  They are so beautiful that I wish I were more flexible so I could lick my own legs.  And there are poems on the pages of closed books.  After midnight the radio plays a steady ocean.  They are the fab things that come out to play when the cold weather hits.  I never knew how hot a guy could look in a skirt until I saw a guy with one on.  Just by shutting my eyes I can make the sun fall.  Not if you wear nylon strokings, I guess.  The rooster's crow is not against the law.  The blue that falls over everything.  Nothing can save us, nor do we wish to be saved.  They're really warm and comfortable and look smashing with skirts.  Grey tights: I’ve been wearing these a lot lately.  It's like being beaten to death in slow motion.  I love my lacy tights, and they look awesome with dressy outfits.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

APRIL 2011
I’ve waited for you all day, and here you are.  I wanted sky.  And the one you love crosses the room and arrives in your arms.  Wearing a dress made me feel very feminine and sexy.  I think I’m addicted to bright tights.  Cakes grow on rooftops, parrots hold rhetoric lessons.  No animal is more untrustworthy than the cock.  It is, rather, like a very handsome dress, which is worn out through use and ostentation.  I have eaten my honeycomb with my honey.  We will need to search for clues that may or may not be available.  Bend over in a mirror before you leave the house.  They’ve been languishing safely behind thick tights.  They could even look good on a fellow!  There's been a resurgence of the dress and the skirt.  My legs got squeezed real tight.  But is there an opaque alternative?  And when the light catches them, you can't help but stare.  Evidence of a slowdown in corn consumption still is needed.  I think we’ll see more brides displaying their love of tights.  I'm always amazed at the citrus trees.   Women wearing hosiery products ALWAYS look so lovely, so beautiful and so sensual.  A lemming movement ballooning up a misplaced idea.  My arms are open with the breadth of ocean, and I'm plucking smiles from the heat.  I have never in my life wanted to live in Canada.  Do I still think in those little yellow boxes?  You just slip them on your legs, up to your thigh and you're ready to go!  I like girls in tights.  My puffin has communicated with his puffin.  A mountain zephyr blew the sunlight cold.  Some of you have asked me how I managed to wear tights in a country as hot as Panama. 

Friday, April 01, 2011

MARCH 2011
They make you feel good about yourself.  One man showing up in tights can cause a whole group of women to change their attire.  Wearing tights during business is very simple and keeps you nice and warm.  (owls are hilariously important)  I was working hard on the Moon.  I hope you wore tights yesterday.  Nothing will make you feel prettier than the joy of silk next to your skin.  Perhaps we can invent a telepathic wardrobe.  Truthfully, I ruminated when I came down from the tree.  You don't have to look hard to see that the light is always leaving.  One body that is its own vanishing point.  This weekend will be raining in Barcelona.  Tight blouses unbutton, jackets unzip.  I was a girl torn between love and the idea of love.  The explosion will exceed the necessity of the occasion.  Because there’s something deeply annoying about having to peel off and put away a pair of tights.  Let us be quick and accurate with the knife.  They each of them lived in an eating world.  You will only look weird if you walk around without confidence.  I am pretty excited to wear this dress when it is warmer out with lighter coloured tights.  I wore them yesterday to church.  The wind in the trees betrays more than the wind.  I’m just taking some pictures of this garage door in this alley.  I loved mustard before there was so much of it out there.  My poor bracket fell apart many moons ago!  A girl was in my arms.  Night sounds like an ice cube.  Sometimes I think my face is smiling.  Just before dawn, somewhere in Germany.  And a packet of fresh goat cheese.  Keep them away from bras.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

We wear them because they’re easy, they’re cute and they’re fun.  Like the moon that night: my father.  Girl with her hair flowing around the legs.  The caravan is ever farther behind.  I guess that’s why I make corsets myself.  In tights you are still supposed to keep your knees crossed, and your underwear is not supposed to show.  It was a subtle knife, too.  I may have met her in my dreams.  I can wait longer than sadness.  You have to establish who's at the freer end of the strap.  Up her carapace the male creeps.  I need lots of room for my tights!  The pastries were awfully dry.  The bee made me shiver like a rag.  The quality is awesome and the thickness is perfect!  I wanted to extend my leg line as much as possible.  I think I’ll wear tights as long as I want to.  Their sight shifts to pigeons.  We forgot to put the doves away.  Stuff your snake and tie the end shut.  See if you can get some legs under this.  And squeeze the trigger and shoot for the heart.  It’s that tiny sliver of skin.  Can a pair of tights be a masterpiece?  Please excuse my alien hands and the lack of head.  They loved each other but a lemon tree grew between them.  It is true I am a wisp of a woman.  It's sometimes fun to be out of your element and take on the characteristics of the city you're visiting.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

And in the night and at the fading of the stars!  Elders fall for green almonds when they’re raised on bruised stone.  The mausoleum lies behind us.  Possibly ambidextrous, snubnosed probably and presenting a strangely profound rainbow.  And silk stockings show her shapings when he looses hose on her.  Taught himself skating and learned how to fall.  The door is still open.  That a cross may crush me if I refuse to believe in it.  This bountiful actress leashes a harrier under her tongue.  The pink of punk perfection as photography in mud.  The aged monad making a venture out of the murder of investment.  After their battle thy fair bosom.  And still a light moves long the river.  But first get a wolf.  I would get into a blame there where sieves fall out.  I would like to send a cormorant around this blue lagoon.  You must buy me a fine new girdle too.  And with that many clothes on, interpretive dance wasn’t exactly an option.  These words are empty and equivalent.  As if the dirt needs to know if I belong to him!  Dig deep into your hosiery drawer and pull out those trusty opaque tights.  Just the wolf at the edge of the village at first.  It's extremely hard for me to get hot.  I still look professional, feel sexy and feel comfortable.  I sort of have a weakness for tights, which stems from my love of wearing skirts.  Beneath her feet the melancholy garden will turn bright green.  The polka dots get wider as my leg does.  The vowel of an owl/the owl of a vowel.  I am comfortable kayaks in the summer.  The rules still allow me to wear any tights I want!  I would suggest wearing black tights for a more chic look.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

This is where optical illusion was invented. Or a special organ for what trickles through the hourglass? It's downwind and upwind at the same time. Who will love in your hollowed carapace? Green tights and an owl. Good to know the tights status in Tokyo! It tasted like any other wrecked thing. Girls’ clothes are a lot more fun than boys’ clothes. If your dress looks good on your body then your tights will too. The gruff man wrote about sex, and everyone stared at the floor. And then there are misses. The ribbons scarving trees were pink. Gods of moderately impressive rocks. As a former Catholic schoolgirl, I was always partial to wearing high socks. I’ve had a love affair with lights in my head for the past couple weeks. Love your red lips with the red tights! And in that instant, accordion of skirts lifted. Soft against the skin and comfortable to wear. A circle that becomes a wheel and is not a sound. I am so in love with all the ruffles! Soft, flowing, feminine yet striking. Can we just talk about how amazing this garage is for a second? But the punctuation was unpredictable. And they are singing about how they love each other. I would give you mine for some of that black tights magic. Next to some frozen water which makes the fur vest look even warmer. I can't know how little I'll be missed. It was good breast, young and firm. You’re boring my kangaroo. This time we don’t have to stop, honey. I live in black tights.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

I would start with purchasing opaque black tights. Do they know that black pantyhose is sexy? The gauge of a yarn is also in command of a slouch. These days, texture shouldn't be hard to find. If you want to raise a good man, sometimes you've got to give him the freedom to be an adorable girl. My mouth is open and I am singing. Nothing had to be corrected today as well and I got praised for being so good at it. Somehow both he and the tights survived the carnage. Last night I made love to a star. His mother sold stockings in Manhattan. I have an unhealthy relationship with tights! He will get a job carrying an umbrella in a salt package. What the hell is a mallard? Just go to the lingerie department and buy what you want! I kissed the one who most needed kissing. Please, let's focus on the dress. I saw a tree inside a tree. I hate feeling like a big sausage squirming around all day. And double layers of stockings / tights etc. Let's say you want to dress up as a fish for Halloween. He's put each sentence through its purgatory. It made no difference they were the same person. In every legend a monster has been more splendid. Who said the story had to be the story? My machine kept eating the edges. I'm obsessed with your tights, so cute!! Why didn't he just wear the tights himself and stroke his own leg? Before I knew what had happened I was standing in front of that leg. I am a sucker for a beautiful pair of tights. A pair of sheer pale hose would have increased her sophistication level by leaps and bounds.

Monday, November 01, 2010

I wear more skirts and dresses in the winter than I do in the summer. It was cold enough at work for me to wear tights. Walking the streets I collected fire escapes. Her tights make me giggle every time I look at them. Transparent, a block to give you some additional keeping leverage that nail removal. This plane is full of sexism! I was born in an alphabet. It is a terrible thing for a man to go through life without children. Buy pantyhose and blue and green tights. Also that there is a cloud, it's made of forgetting. Are they in fact the same thing, just two different names? They're back inside their music now. Hold one foot of the tights by his right armpit and over his left shoulder. All that unnecessary life turning to tinder. But they say who we are and what we're like. The imperfection of the stars is what makes these tights unique. I think people tend to underestimate the potential awesomeness of tights. Who cared how much tin there was in Paraguay? She looks like she’s wearing nylon stockings on her arms. Pink loose coat can hide behind all the autumn fat meat. When I look at mine, I see memories of drunken nights and tons of laughter. Something about wearing purple tights and a sheer blouse. Face down behind her tights with diamonds. But have you doubled up your tights for a new look? The feminine patterns tend to have a lace look. I'm not going to Germany anytime soon and I wouldn't know where to look anyways! Maybe if I had tights, I'd find the dresses I desire? At home in a business suit and pantyhose and pumps. Wear a simple black dress, patterned black pantyhose and fabulous shoes. I loved the feeling of walking around in public in my tights all night. A girl who likes that is probably really hot in bed.

Friday, October 01, 2010

If you speak from the ball there is an even number of defenders to the right and an even number to the left. Go back home and put some clothes on woman. Because you come from Argentina. It's love that knuckles down. This door is hard of hearing. How many chickens are there in Malta? The ocean is blue, but many shades of blue. It feels a bit like having new shoes. Dotted tights and girly bustiers, antique homes on hazy streets, days in bed. Help me take this leather hood off. The statues sold the clothes. You can’t get much girlier than white tights. The outfit gives her girl a little volume. It’s the loveliest dress ever. I dreamt I held out my hand and before long a banana. Not enough girls are wearing tights. Casual sexy outfits to compliment your pantyhose during the day. But when I do wear one I prefer stockings. The soft glory of her breasts, capped with nipples that were tight and hard with excitement. It was the throat of a man trying to lift a piano. The also make everything look nice and smooth. Foreign women still know the power of legs encased in nylon! Naughty and sexy at the same time, and nobody around me knows. Did your dog stand up and start playing the tambourine? They laughed when I sat down at the piano. White flesh and suspender belts. Thick black tights, particularly wool ones, particularly cashmere ones, are glorious. Tights are my best friends in winter. For so many years even my ankles were a secret. They love the art of dance, and they love their tight leotards and soft tights.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

We might be helping ourselves to vinegar. Would you like to see an elephant? Let your shins express it for you. And it will be marked with a small red star like a bitter lipsticked kiss. That the hearth's embrace is radiation. There is no spandex, but there is heavy breathing. Any discussion of beautiful lingerie is absolutely okay with me. I’m not really sure how cows are supposed to sound. This revolver is told that you hang from the gallows in the square before breakfast! A damp house, silence, slowly growing old. A map, directions for a way back to the waters. I learned a difficult lesson after trying baby oil and iodine. I love to go outside and close my eyes and let the breeze blow through my hair and ruffle my skirt. The throat is optional. I have never seen a fatter cheetah. These tights make me beam. I would probably come over, give you a hug, then dive my face into that! I'm very sensitive about what touches my bum. The tiny strands of nylon are going to rapidly approach room temperature when you take them out of the freezer. I went to the store dressed in my pantyhose. Erotic depictions of ladies using their feet to stimulate their partners. I think the copper in particular is wonderful. It is comfortable for them to do the farm work with wearing socks. I need to play down my masculine features as much as possible. A narrow tie is like a penis with no gusto in it. Can that gadget see my orange? To lure the phantom out of the dark, until she lifts us into the space of song. Tight is combination of wisdom and temptation. I got potatoes in the chest and both radios are in the sun. Lesbians really want to be with other lesbians. European pantyhose or tights are the best.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

JULY 2010
They love pantyhose more than the biggest fan! You do not want your tights fighting for attention with your dress and shoe. That would be just as much fun as being the sun. Floral lace design with the pattern extending to the tip of the toe. Blue fluid again flows over her flesh. Every sort of excess has been jammed into the same vortex. And two tightening circles of thought? I am the prince of small potatoes. Opaque tights are fabulous, but only when it’s cold outside. We really should meet up in tights and boots! Since all the dresses are different, it would be best if all the tights were the same. It’s subtle, but it returns in the bag. I am the grief of a giant sloth. Elephant nose commencement! Black on black always looks great, so go for a black skirt! One day, I found six of my fourteen stars gone. Progressing to prayer on stilts. You, who are never the same person. He had a pattern, and always a woman. Add some woolen tights – grey or neutral is good. What's the name of those Brazilian tights? It encourages people’s eyes to travel up and down without interruption. I must now side with the challenged octopus. A girl threw a spatula at me. You come down the delirious corridor. Black tights are God’s gift to women. She’s wearing the male lion, he’s wearing the female lion. I think nude would look good. I recently told my girlfriend that I wanted to try wearing tights to see what it felt like. I like tights on women and I know some women like tights on men. They combine eroticism with practicality.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

JUNE 2010
All women in the world loves to wear tights and men wants his lover or wife should wear tights, because it will make them more sexy. Putting on a dress, I was floored by a surge of energy. I totally love the idea of fuchsia tights! I liked the idea of a black floral dress to complement the tights. (Buying the tights was a total afterthought). A beautiful Frenchwoman, dressed immaculately in a fur coat, stockings and high heels, and smelling of the most intoxicating perfume. Just love the feel of her pantyhose legs touching my skin and it all feels very nice. I wore a white dress and purple shoes. I will love you always and be thankful for the beauty of just sharing life with you. A slightly more summery alternative to my usual opaques. We encourage you go for tights with texture and patterns that are prominent. Still others just like the way tights look and feel against the skin. What do you evaluate is the bang on exile? Is it strange that I like to wear tights at home? The dress and the tights look surprisingly good on him. Pain, that was not yet the pain of love, fretted his heart. I always knew I was a girl and now woman. I'm such a fan of nylons and tights. I love wearing sheer tights in the house. Elegant, feminine, smooth texture against chairs. Does the bride come with potatoes? Eat pig like pig. I’ve teamed it with my black body here which makes the look more sophisticated. I found myself obsessed with the idea of purchasing and wearing my own pair of pantyhose. (but the bridges are hidden) Listlessly walking in the evening, not startled when an otter plunged. You’re supposed to wear panties under tights. You would be surprised how many women enjoy men in hose. You may even want to put them on the way you would a pair of pantyhose. This can be very sexy if paired with a dress.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

MAY 2010
Throughout her journey she finds herself falling through space and time. I really must find some silk stockings and have them filled. Put tights on and start painting swallows densely. To understand what pantyhose in nylons is all about, you need to understand the terminology. Because what we each love is to look at very small things carefully. We don't have to live by anyone else's definition of what it means to be a woman. if I were you, I'd stand a whole day just watching my legs. Pantyhose are a sign of respect for yourself and others. You will not have to keep straightening the seams of your bottom. it’s simply a twist on the mini skirt. They don’t have faith in my capacity to use a fork as a weapon. How can it be that I am not unique? The single hedge might as well be made of steel. Seven years before the phone rang. Maybe you loved us and it will never be done. You’re a poor substitute for Abraham Lincoln. One could determine if two adjectives were equal. The latest inhabitant of the famous tights. You have even less time than you think you do, however much of a mountain you are. You could call it singing. When used properly they can enhance your legs. I'd try on death to find you, gown made of grasses. I just wish the hierarchy of the description was called out more. What was an Irishman without tea? I prefer stockings on a woman. The kind shaped like a female body. I was longing to outlive this compass. I came out of the great anonymity. It’s an anaconda’s severed head, walking on its tongue. My very bones, right here in front of me! Am I mad did I imagine they had colours?

Saturday, May 01, 2010

APRIL 2010
Wear them with the shortest skirt in your closet, like the lady you are. The library burns on page sixty, as it burns in all the newspapers of the world. And think about the added fun to your sexy time later. And I also want to have some fun and make this kinky for the both of us. I just want to second what Jill said! Without the tights I would never have considered photographing this. The delightful women lingerie belongs to the above class. Are there any wolves in Tunisia? Do you always look for women’s clothes on your day off? The helmsman’s face shows white through the wheel house. There was a flash of pink thigh, and a rustle of silk petticoat. He loves to wear women's tights in everyday situations, like at work or shopping for women's tights. Why did a goat need a piano at this particular time? Now I can't stop thinking about pretty girls wearing vintage clothes and glasses. I fall in love in this giraffe's tights. Once for the costume and once for her cute, adorable self. When I have those little black tights in my hand, they remind me of time I cannot regain. Why are we running away from a man whose mother keeps legless goats? When is too late to wear tights? This would be cool for the garter toss shots! The look is a romantic match during the spring transition when your toes still need warmth. She's all arms and legs, a stick in a skirt. Fishing nets are not obvious. Get some nice wool tights with a lacy pattern to wear with skirts. We must get to the woods before the trees get there. Being the curious male that I am I thought I would try on a pair of old pantyhose myself. I love your shoulders! It sounds odd, but it can straddle

Thursday, April 01, 2010

MARCH 2010
And a nice example of one of these last reunions is this dress! But I'll never forget those tights. It’s time to start decorating your legs. With a prepossessing philosopher on clogging proctorship. Come to London and see my vaginas. I become more beautiful at night. I am the lady with a scarf tied to her handbag even on a night out in summer lest that little sinister whisper of briskness appears. I have the warm legs to prove it. Am I wearing a skirt/dress/shorts/pants? If there's an Irish component to this, I shall retire. If dolphins are so smart, why do they live in igloos? I'm the only one on this train to Helsinki who knows. The date again matches the numbering of the tights. You have very lucky dishes. Thinking of his hand as a phantom. The turtle couldn’t help us. Green mirrors are asleep. This is one of those things that it would be fine to wear in the privacy of your home with your husband. I just can't imagine how she gets up enough courage to slide into an icy pair every morning. Has been purple, will be purple. Or your tomatoes can’t see anything but themselves. Writing hieroglyphs above the Tiber. I want to sit on cold pavement and wrap blankets around my legs. Get head, swap legs back in and get the badge gloves. Dress length, modesty, how much flesh to expose--these are controversial topics. The grass makes no demands on your soul. He thrusts his fists against the posts and still insists he sees the ghosts. Years love trees in a way we can't. They go on one leg at a time. I think she should wear black pantyhose. I love wearing things now that remind me of something I used to wear as a little girl.

Monday, March 01, 2010

That’s how we get around obstacles. The hauntingly tragic beauty that draws me in. The trick to making white tights sophisticated is wearing them with dresses. Have you ever ironed wool? Now that's what I call a table! The room was calling our name! Some thick, textured tights would look really nice. You can slip these babies on and instantly add a little heat to those cold, winter nights. Was it to be robbed a bank socks used in the face? There are no wolves in Illinois. It needed a little pop of something to break it up so that I didn’t look completely like a large grape. A little while among the throng of flowered dresses. I am genetically closer to mushrooms. I've seen a photograph of a kangaroo. My mother couldn't bear to throw out brown paper bags or old tights. The secret lies primarily in the shoe itself. The bridge pressed time and me into its name. Out of habit, I keep reaching for tights. I remained babyish forever in my white tights. And the cry turned night to day. Pure maximum exposure is not necessarily the best way to draw attention to your awesome tights. I have been wanting to wear my white tights forever. I get a sense of anxiety seeing the cat beside the tights. It felt good to be greeted by blossoms and blooms. I like the idea of spinning around and around in it. Just buy the blackest, most opaque pair of tights you can find. A bright pink pump would work well. I want you to experience just how great this feels to have them all the way on!

Monday, February 01, 2010

So today I wore a garden to start the year off right! The platform negates them, and the angle of incline is just perfect. We're all up to the years in hues. I know where the wall goes. Which feels just fine, because it feels like her. I'm crazy about dresses right now. It’s really all about the layers! The covered leg is fresh. He decided his father's neck belonged in the early 20th century. The image of the disposal, coupled with the idea of being pretty. If you take a closer look you can see how the dark ends at my ankles. Be sure that you're similarly shrouded from the midriff up. Serenity has plenty of tights. If you are wearing skirts and tights you have to wear at least two pair of tights. They're such an easy way to look feminine without trying too hard! Can't help thinking about dainty shoes and tights. That is an organza dress and you are not fooling me. A little like pushing your fingers into a stretched nylon stocking. I've even been wearing two pairs of tights at a time. You can’t beat the stockings and suspenders for the special occasions! I’d love to wear an ocean on my legs. There are actually a lot of anatomical benefits to footwear with individual toes. She looks like an ant that gets prettier every day. Concealed hatred is better. It begins as an attempt to untangle light. Prance about and look pretty. You can fall a long way in the rain. And they couldn’t stop asking me about what kind of pantyhose I had. This is laziness and what happens when you don't own a mirror. Young women in short skirts with great legs wrapped in black tights and black boots. I felt the soft nylon on my legs and I fell in love.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I would start with purchasing opaque black tights. Do they know that black pantyhose is sexy? The gauge of the yarn is also in command of a slouch. These days, texture shouldn't be hard to find. If you want to raise a good man, sometimes you’ve got to give him the freedom to be an adorable girl. My mouth is open and I am singing. Nothing had to be corrected today as well and I got praised for being so good at it. Somehow both he and the tights survived the carnage. Last night, I made love to a star. His mother sold stockings in Manhattan. I have an unhealthy relationship with tights! He will get a job carrying an umbrella on a salt package. What the hell is a mallard? Just go to the lingerie department and buy what you want! I kissed the one who most needed kissing. Please, let’s focus on the dress. I saw a tree inside a tree. I hate feeling like a big sausage squirming around all day. And double layers of stockings/tights etc. Let’s say you want to dress up as a fish for Halloween. He's put each sentence through its purgatory. It made no difference, they were the same person. In every legend a monster has been more splendid. Who said the story had to be this story? My machine kept eating the edges. I'm obsessed with your tights, so cute!! Why didn't he just wear the tights himself and stroke his own leg? Before I knew what had happened, I was standing in front of that leg. I am a sucker for a beautiful pair of tights. A pair of very sheer pale hose would have increased her sophistication level by leaps and bounds.

Friday, January 01, 2010

This skirt is really going to get around. The places cats won't go. Things I could never have imagined appeared every morning like tents. Tights are a nice way to finish off an outfit and add a touch of warmth. Place the balls in the tights, tie a piece of yarn tightly between each ball. If you are born to wear a skirt, you should better wear one. I can only imagine what one would feel like as soon as they laced themselves up in this. The librarians were grumpy. Is there something wrong with me for loving them? Warm legs equal happy ladies. You don’t want to mix too much wild with wild. My wife used these tights on an elk hunt. She becomes a stranger with sticks in her hair. Interesting trousers are equally valid. Fold them nicely in thirds and place in your drawer. The octopuses are coming! And the weird hierarchy of Hungarians who have been living in Romania forever. Those shoes look like weapons. I used to trim her topiary at least once a week. It doesn’t have to be a gown as long as you feel great in whatever you wear. Arms make good legs. Transparent pantyhose are the sexiest kind because they make your legs look perfect. The hat complaining to the rectangle about its lack of grammar. I couldn’t stop thinking about wearing my red ones and I am glad I did. As opposed to one showcasing my obsession with printed tights. Accordions grin at dismembered violin torsos. Your dress is helping you to be polite and wise simultaneously. Perhaps one of his newts had got tonsillitis or something. There are littles to kiss. Sheers drawn across the east window lay on her slim body like the shadow of a stocking. A mosquito dreaming in a cage for a bird.