Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Sunday, September 01, 2013

When he left he smashed the night. Imperfection might prove one form of salvation. Anything from saints to squid, from sausages to shrimps. Wild heartless heart that loves us. But lilac scares me. I could hardly be blamed for not wanting to be anyone but her. I wonder if I'll ever love this house. Cut a hole in the crotch, and slip your head and arms through. I needed another pink accessory to add to my arsenal. It is much more appealing to watch a woman roll down her high stockings. I like having to wear tights under my dress. And became the breath of fish. We're mostly in the feet of swans, black as drums. I have a very hard time resisting great tights. Opaque black tights are captivating enough by themselves. Any of my black slip dresses would have done the job. Girls always want to look gorgeous and stylish. The river was another king. The tall nurse broadcasting our secret. Gulls puncture the blue between kites. Or was it just a series of accidents? If you want to really set pulses racing, take a tip from times gone by and invest in some seamed tights or stockings. Winter's not what it used to be. I looked out the window and saw a tree. I’ve got one word for you: pumpkin. In a fire of languages that halted prayer. A summer wind blows night's long dress. I still prefer the classic look of pink tights. Tights have improved so much through the years. A soul will come out of the fields. She might meet the pigeon of her life tonight.