Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Thursday, August 01, 2013

JULY 2013
My hosiery drawer is mainly rammed with black opaque. It was like lying in bed at night next to the world. Your legs in these tights will look like gossamer thread entangled. This is the first year in ages we have not been in Wisconsin. She burbled to the glass and dozed against it. She kicked me in the shin and I couldn’t feel it because I was laughing. As soon as you slip them on, you will become the person who is meant to wear them! Is it something to do with the gusset? The air around me knows your name. It especially doesn't help to feel eyes staring from the other room! Your carrots are in no danger. The sea, gone miles out of its way, is there. Slipping her fist into seamed and seamless stockings. The topography differs considerably. The hands make the world every day. To look at her was to see a fire. I’ve always wanted to wear skirts and dresses more too but this is secondary to my tights fixation. One of the girls playfully rubbed her self on me I could hardly contain myself. He dreams he is the great air itself. As he aims from grim height for the promise of blue. You lick your cobwebs and the corners glitter. And a god I can swallow. I want each to follow the footsteps of the psychopomp. These stockings were incredibly soft, and felt like air to put on! Pantyhose are the most sexiest piece of clothing a woman can wear. Your slip shimmered on the bathroom door. Yes, we can all agree that red tights look good on the man. The world was birds. It was pretty hilarious watching him fish down his leg to get it out. His eyes cut fear into her heart. And then her fingers tear the water open and her body.