Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Friday, August 01, 2014

JULY 2014
The exact shade of purple to match her purple tights. Next, add your nylons. I was alone in the midnight field. Should she have paid for the tights herself? My own tights are bigger around the thigh. Tights are what you are looking for. I was feeling stylish in my skirt suit, tights and boots. I'm all opaque, all the time. The air was like a bullet made out of silk. The wolves cry the great name. Standing in the sun of another country. Let the earth have it. This is a music of the heart's solidity. The various silence the city required of me. I hold my shark's tooth like a sort of charm. Either way, you're drawing attention to the tights. What’s this all been about then — this existential problem in tights. Some paths depend on abstraction. No one had ever heard of an albino angel. And generally did every imaginable thing possible to make hosiery look sexy and appealing. I searched high and low for my dream tights. A pluperfect halo, both circle and square. You can gift me your used tights any day. I and my wife will keep to one another and let the world go hang. Each type of tights has its unique benefits. Arriving with raw insides knifed from spine. Winds, we can tell, are jealous. They laughed when I sat down at the piano. Was like the Roman method for making bees. This is because colourful tights are still new. Holding her caption derails my vision to the left.