Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Saturday, March 01, 2014

No more weird stupid whiskers at my crotch. Off my kneecap like a bullet. Think of all the fun he’ll have peeling those layers off of you. Those things that make girls’ legs look even more awesome. Now arrange crows to reflect sky with their wings. (no cold legs here), and they have words on them. We both have a basket of tights. You kiss my mouth, which tastes like your mouth. Tights that are thick would work quite well. These tights are so adorable that I really wanted to show them off. I'm sure there's lots I don't know about ladies tights, but I'm eager to learn. We can take the nude tights as a symbol that simultaneously represents ideas of oppression and vulnerability. Sometimes a little coverage on the legs is all we need to keep warm. A pair of tights will do. To be a dress is best. I like the way they help channel a vintage and romantic vibe. I love that my tights are not in anyway sedate or ordinary. There is great comfort in slipping into a pair of woolly tights on a freezing morning. On some cold days I’ve actually gone to the extreme of doubling up and wearing two pairs of pantyhose. Try out new silhouettes. I love how they make me feel: totally sexy and very cool. There's nothing like a pair of colourful tights to brighten up an otherwise boring dress. I thought galactic tights would be the way to go. It sounded like a cube of restless ocean. The land undoes its lingerie laces. Skillfully using my hands to keep my legs together. Hearts are my thing and I like them any day of the year. Hearts are perfectly acceptable all year round.