Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Monday, October 01, 2012

My burning desire for dark pantyhose overwhelmed my fear of God. That way you still don't get ink on your leg. Then you just prance around the house until the tights dry. Do update your stash of black tights, and pair them with a bright shoe! What's half tight, half sock and all genius? Leave your sleeve behind, and wear your heart on your legs. My breasts are sensing that this one knows something. I told myself I would ask her about her tights. The most perfect badge in the history of badges. The ones in your hands are probably the right size. Or visually lengthen your legs by wearing the same shade as your shoes. I do think you should throw a pair of tights on him and see what happens. Flesh to feast on, bones to gnaw on. I got to wear tights for the first time this week. Try and find a raincoat in Brazil. The colder months have the potential to be dark and depressing. That's just another man in tights trying to save the world. When the little lady puts this on all she wants to do is twirl. My winter wardrobe formula is to take a dress I’ve been wearing all summer long and add pair of tights. I will only call the ocean. And though I have a drawer overflowing with tights, I still keep stocking up. That's that new thing people are doing. A robot nervously kicked the electric coffin. Wearing tights with hearts on the knees make me want to jump for joy. And I'm a known freeze baby. I always aspire to wear tights and boots. The leaves are coming down which means the tights are going up in our house. But nothing beats the feeling of pantyhose. See anything green? It should be about dreams of beauty.