Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Saturday, October 01, 2011

But that's nothing to a tortoise. He has to watch the sun and moon from underneath, is all. Modest dress makes a girl only more beautiful. The thrill of speed as we aimed for the cathedral. Everyone will think I painted my legs! Keep for you their mountings most sumptuous. Buying purple tights is very uncharacteristic of me. Lots and lots of fun and funky tights. Because things like steeples piercing sun rays make me happy. Pantyhose are by far the sexiest article of clothing a woman can wear. One big smiling eye on the left and an eye with tear on the right. This week we’re all about tights and tutus. I said the same thing to the weather just this morning. The rest of the time you can count your coin. She and he and the lake are mostly water. So, if you are wearing a black dress, wear black tights; grey dress, grey tights. There is often a fingertip that meets another. An empty space that had somehow given birth to a cat. The forgotten lover glimpsed in the alchemy of the dream. A person's pleasure must be his own serious business. I wish I had a velvet bikini. Seven elephants standing in the rain. I pretty much wear tights throughout the year. My hand touched a leg in nylon stocking but slipped off. I shook my hand and the elephant took his leg away. I love how the pattern of the tights gives the pumpkin so much personality! And I'll take good care of my nylons. Those moths in November, where are they now, do you think? I like the idea of shimmying into some luxurious cashmere specimens. A great way to keep warm and look fabulous all at the same time.