Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Saturday, January 01, 2011

This is where optical illusion was invented. Or a special organ for what trickles through the hourglass? It's downwind and upwind at the same time. Who will love in your hollowed carapace? Green tights and an owl. Good to know the tights status in Tokyo! It tasted like any other wrecked thing. Girls’ clothes are a lot more fun than boys’ clothes. If your dress looks good on your body then your tights will too. The gruff man wrote about sex, and everyone stared at the floor. And then there are misses. The ribbons scarving trees were pink. Gods of moderately impressive rocks. As a former Catholic schoolgirl, I was always partial to wearing high socks. I’ve had a love affair with lights in my head for the past couple weeks. Love your red lips with the red tights! And in that instant, accordion of skirts lifted. Soft against the skin and comfortable to wear. A circle that becomes a wheel and is not a sound. I am so in love with all the ruffles! Soft, flowing, feminine yet striking. Can we just talk about how amazing this garage is for a second? But the punctuation was unpredictable. And they are singing about how they love each other. I would give you mine for some of that black tights magic. Next to some frozen water which makes the fur vest look even warmer. I can't know how little I'll be missed. It was good breast, young and firm. You’re boring my kangaroo. This time we don’t have to stop, honey. I live in black tights.