Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

MAY 2011
But sometimes that's what a song needs in order to survive the time it was born in.  What's half tight, half sock and all genius?  I never knew that days were held together by singing.  I promise you librarians & hosiery = hot.  All the dresses are gone.  How to swim beyond the sharks inside the lake of my own heart?  Tractor trawling brickish dust balloon cloud, hauling.  It may be unique, but you also lose the visual benefit of looking long and lean in all black.  You are that inconsolable sorrow of mine.  You fly over the yard, in our mouths.  I tried shading myself in the bushes to prevent you from being blinded by my hot pink legs.  It is lemon, pure undiluted lemon! These tights feel great on the legs, even if you wear them all day long.  A week of words with no repeated letters.  Now I can’t get into my tights (SO comfortable) and loose fitting tunics (incredibly breezy and cool!) fast enough.  A ship performs just this task, with fidelity.  No dowry dress, we mean no harm.  They are so beautiful that I wish I were more flexible so I could lick my own legs.  And there are poems on the pages of closed books.  After midnight the radio plays a steady ocean.  They are the fab things that come out to play when the cold weather hits.  I never knew how hot a guy could look in a skirt until I saw a guy with one on.  Just by shutting my eyes I can make the sun fall.  Not if you wear nylon strokings, I guess.  The rooster's crow is not against the law.  The blue that falls over everything.  Nothing can save us, nor do we wish to be saved.  They're really warm and comfortable and look smashing with skirts.  Grey tights: I’ve been wearing these a lot lately.  It's like being beaten to death in slow motion.  I love my lacy tights, and they look awesome with dressy outfits.