Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Sunday, November 01, 2009

They are warm and comfortable and truly opaque. Half is for the sun and half for the moon. It blends the sexiness and versatility of fishnet stockings with the warmth and practicality of tights. The land of my poem is green and high. Is to say they are only mints. When I’m forced into nylons, I spend a lot of time admiring my legs. The liar will perspire. Our imaginary girl, falling in love, over and over and over again. You can never go wrong with vertical lines. If it was tea, there would be a spoon. Tights are definitely okay at a winter wedding. Aren't they just the perfect way to spice up dark fall outfits? I wanted to hug her, but thought she might think me a little bit odd. See how much fun this girl is having in her tights? This is somehow simultaneously cute and super sexy. Our territory often dwindles to a smooth slip. Romantic and dreamy with the perfect touch of sweetness. I fingered my necklace, biting on my lip as I glanced myself over. The last time I saw myself alive, I drew the curtain back. I meant to wear purple tights. Vertical lines will always elongate and darks are streamlining. And a secretary spent the day telling everyone I was wearing fishnets. I need some purple tights. Our own mother has always loved wearing this look, and it's timeless. I liked the way the hem flutters in the wind. It was so nice to be in love with you. The tights will feel even smoother once you shave your legs. The bathroom reminds me a lot of Los Angeles. There should be dark shapes in the snow. Doesn't this just look adorable with the raspberry accent? Then, trying to wiggle out of them in the hall without showing your underpants.