Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Sunday, June 01, 2008

MAY 2008
My breath became the ghost of me. Allowing you to wear something like a short, voluminous dress with opaque tights. Sinuous bolts with skin like waves. Once dried, each onion is placed into a leg. Carve it in doves and pomegranates. You barely notice you have pantyhose on for 12 hours. You can tell, because it's not yellow and it doesn't move. Silky smooth stockings that accent legs in a graceful manner. The world was afraid of me because I was alone. (must be comfortable with nothing under the tights) A multitude of crows alighted on his house. Great for fans of beautiful girls in those black, tight stockings. Tomorrow the vast sea awaits us both. So I'm always in one pair of tights or another! And straight into her bedroom. The pet goat eats poison oak. Bright language as the bones resurface. A seahorse is the servant. Why don't you ask your shirt? Here is the sound that photographs make. Perhaps it would like some figs. I see the future every day. I love the enchanting look of tights. All day bumping against the sugary universe of all that is before and after. My girlfriend wants me to try on a pair of pantyhose. I want a thousand giraffes on my desk by tomorrow morning. The instant burned to life, then ash. I don't want my choice of legwear causing any traffic accidents! The tree was ranked a 7 and had a failure potential of 2. Navy or white tights may be worn during cold weather. This is for everyone as most of us wear tights.