Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

MARCH 2008
My clock has fallen off the wall. I could be arguing in my spare time. Men have worn tights forever. The wind shall not blow my plaid away. This is an absolute oyster carnival. Robots are another old love. I wanted to tell the horse on the page. Why can't I walk by your side and hold your hand forever? This is the fire that will drown you. This was the advantage of our image as some kind of omniscient octopus. This is the day's betrayed conspiracy. What colour goes well with black tights? To avoid your eyelid from blinking. But the tights are soft, silky. I'd like it even better if it looked like fishnets. Be alert for magical lines that jump into your head. With beautiful shapes nature never designed. Wearing fishnets and cocktail dresses is neither dangerous nor illegal. It's time to get tights that go the distance. Everything is formless where the waves break into the sky. Attempting to land a chicken on a trampoline. This is not a pretty donkey. Nobody knows what armadillos dream about. I wish I could have stood there with you. My head is hot and stupid. I knew before I knew. Great idea, panty hose on your head. There's certainly nothing resembling a nostril. I love tights and I have just found some beautiful ones. I can make huge shadows on the ocean. Some black tights, and we're done!