Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

JULY 2007
Which describes the world, to be in the Sweden. Seeing three swans in this versus four in that. I shrugged on my prettiest face and the shirt I wear. I want to turn for a moment to those my heart loves. I'm forbidden to writhe or crawl. It was clear this is no portable pig. Without and radiation always someone more dangerous? Your own voice complicates powerful. One can panic only in passing fear of focus. There is a deep feeling that the picture is not beautiful. What made me feel watched in the naked field? Every woman should have a black lace bra. I came to their curve but could not find them. Why do so many Mormons have trampolines? Everyone is interested in pigeons. My antlers haunted by virginity defoliate the zoo. The night is July, the aura is rain. Everything that's recorded is recorded in the heavens. I glued the wood together so they would adhere. Finding out the meanings of the words forgotten. The arching canes where starlings take cover from foraging cats. Or they can wear women's clothing if necessary. Big crows down from famous mountains. It's like operating on a flamingo. Is he putting on stockings and a garter belt? The fish will get along fine without you. With fewer boundaries, more ideas work. Something falls, a pigeon flies in or you hear a siren. I've always wanted to be kidnapped. Yeti, down there we've got Wednesday. A window that flickered blue, to where my smile grew.