Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Sunday, July 01, 2007

JUNE 2007
It began in a foyer of evenings. What games do ferrets like to play? Somewhere music is patient, and meaning. There is a bird we cannot see. My heart is if frozen and nothing seems real. I want animals in one corner of the room and humans in the other corner. Or disappear the trees behind a nomenclature. But as if so, the starlings lifting, unlifting. Brian laughs and everything is right. Hyphen between mute boundaries. And I could see through to the hearts of buildings. And doesn't listen to the guitar's rendition. As you go to sleep the ideas continue. I'll see your ankle swinging. A schoolgirl on vacation gapes. Larger breasts would have required a less acute angle. Swaying in unison beneath the snow. But I prefer the slow process. This monkey could be a cheerleader. A knife to pry open and vinegar to serve. One of the apostles asked about suicides. You danced the ring gracefully, without even crushing your flowered wreath. Attach dogs to almost anything. The shy sat with me, fearful of discovery. What if I told you I did not really believe this to be a poem? Listen, this time I think she's calling your name as well. Eating for her is lusty entertainment. Did I have a hat? Love laughs at a locksmith. Maybe the streets go in circles for reasons.