Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Kiss my face all night. They were at rehearsals so I was sent out to buy the tights. Men enjoy being comfortable in a skirt too. Now my song is getting thin. There are nipples on television in Canada. Secretly wants a pencil skirt but won't say it. I feel I look fantastic in tights. Is the red thing in the hat a feather? I can't find my head. She found she enjoyed the snug fit of the pantyhose. I would not really have to be a girl, just look like one. Goddesses don't sneeze wrong. The balloons needed to be filled with custard. If you kill a lizard, you will regain your lost reputation or fortune. I've been making an attempt to get my clothes picked out, including underwear, nylons, slips, and shoes. I am not going to rest until I have a pair of lacy tights. You put it in a refrigerator; it stays soft and stretches. Would a sexy pair of nylons improve my game? I do not know how you can love and not be a liar. I wanted to feel the thick bands of her stocking tops through her skirt. I asked our waitress where she purchased her tights. The tights are not really that thick, plus they help hold everything in. Two weeks ago in Ecuador, a butterfly alighting on a delicate rose. Talking about trees is almost criminal. He was wearing black tights with red shoes and he seemed to be laughing at a private joke. Why has she got padlocks on each shoe? I love you for you my love, you my love. I have to stay home and floss my otter. Bright yellow cat flying across the night sky. More pantyhose than a girl can wear. I know a pig who can run eleven miles an hour.