Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Sunday, January 01, 2006

You don’t need a licence to drive a sandwich. Girls have never wanted me. The whole thing lacks plot and relevance, but that’s what makes it fun. I knew she was going to crush the egg. It’s not easy being a giant ice cream cone. The swans themselves had been seen kicking some of them in the nearby lagoon. Not surprisingly, her breasts are mentioned. I can’t make a hamster mansion today. The bullet hole in your shoulder is a screaming mouth of agony. French Maid seems to be very common. Drainage here is imperfect. The soil and spade will dance with the rain. Turn outwards, forming a trapezoid in the empty space. But for now I can occasionally enjoy becoming the girl of my dreams. She placed her leg on her chair and adjusted the garter on her stockings. I suspect my stockings are waiting in the post office. Her breasts and cleavage kept me entertained. I got a medal because I made flags. But when they generate a spontaneous sentence, there appears to be no structure in their word order. And these are our beans. I have been hunting the elusive white pelican for the past four years. I can almost see a dragon leaning against a rock. I do NOT like forms that end with more than two breasts. Last week I had a nose the size of two noses. I’m talking umbrellas. A girl from this house was kidnapped by a ghost spider. The deep wish not to destroy wore the costume of a bird. I suspect some of my tasks will involve me having to wear tights. And for long time, baths warmed with burning books. Two large paper lanterns and four smaller ones hanging in my room. This suit burns better.