Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

MAY 2005
He could not think of any better way to start the day, for he knew who the feathers belonged to. Then I would put my stockings and all my female underwear on. The trumpet vines allowed two new females to drink. In a word, pantyhose. After that, she helped me into the dress. We are talking about the return of the corset. I saw a woman dressed in white who showed me the heart shaped bowl again. Fifty oysters died for this guitar. A shared family interest in kangaroos. My heart looks for her, and she is not with me. And the sheer stockings were like having a silken mist on my legs. She held me to her thighs until my forehead burned. You would have to make the two ducks big enough so that they have the same overall amount as three small ducks. I'm looking out at the planets and I'm flirting with rage. I think I’m a sofa. The perfection in your outfit selection. My time is a reflection on the surface of the water. Naked except for her long black gloves and a pair of stockings. As she looks in the mirror, her face suddenly loses its shape. Divert your attention from jellyfish eyes and the sexual activity of spiders. Everything is under control. Still haven't experimented with the pair of tights I already have, though. Does your heart beat faster when you see them wearing this delicate fabric all day and all night? Sometimes I am the Oriental lady, sometimes she is. Now, sit back down on the bed and I'll show you how to put on your stockings. I will see a red lake or fire and devils. I know the secret language of the most vile and fearsome serpent. Stockings, cars, telephones and a hundred other things. I'd love to wear a dress and panties, stockings and a bra. The lobsters didn’t say. There's no point in stuffing your bra with stockings.