Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

MAY 2004
Our hands explored each other’s bodies beneath the bubbles as we continued to kiss. If such a thing really exists and fishnet stockings never run. Because I like the sensation of velvet. I felt her back arch towards me, her warm breasts pushed into my hands. Speaking of which, what do you like to wear under tights? She drew her feet beneath her chair, and I felt my thigh grow cold. Life on other planets is difficult. Those stockings are invisible. Fate sent her to die on the couch in our living room in Germany. And her masculine minimalism is legendary. I don’t think that they are under a lot of pressure to extend the chicken. But no matter what the scene, the pantyhose are always a main attraction. To be a nail hanging up a picture of flowers. You must help me with my pulsating box. My knife turns itself these days. I’d rather talk to syrup. I wear them because they are comfortable and I like the feel of them on my legs. The cows are mostly facing uphill. There’s a lot to be said for the sensuousness of being encased in filmy sheer nylon from the waist down. Come on, lick me, eat me – love me! I am male and I love wearing black pantyhose. Let me remove your shoes and pantyhose after a hard day’s work. It was my turn to dance with God. It makes me sexually excited when she does what she does. I love an octopus. Seven people can go in on a camel. You like direction but I like right and you like left. He could watch in the mirror as she folded down the tops of the stockings. He left my breasts and pulled my leotard and tights down to my ankles. The land’s thousand eyes watched. My pig will always remind me of you.