Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Sunday, October 05, 2003

The soft stretching of my tights, and the flapping of my skirt. Or your tomatoes can't see anything but themselves. You're the first apple I didn't want. The ripples spread and subsided on the smooth surface by the canal. She imagined herself running around in her vulnerable stockings, facing peril wherever she turned. I've become uncomfortable in all these skins. My breasts will be right back. I am dubious. The form of that hat is the symbol of the whole world. Humidify your horny gremlins. And I haven't seen a bird in weeks. Lick my stockings. They suck each other's bones. She slowly gets wet, smiling with every drip, until she is soaked through. I like boots and gloves and fishnet stockings and tights. Does this look like something a sponge would do? Her stockings rip at the knees and her girdle shows. She always wore either pantyhose or tights. The previous night's wind blew the cat across town. I look just like fog. These girls are dressed and ready to party - and get undressed! Very slow and sensuous, she covers herself and progresses to topless. Is this pencil a vegetable? But his weary shuffling makes my heart smile. I'm so ambivalent about gum. On Saturday the sky had a baby. It could be for you. We know the body is the house. For I must have my lovely lady soon. I brought me a lot of joy.