Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Monday, September 01, 2003

Wearing a gold silk shirt, black skirt, and black fishnet stockings in 16 gallons of honey. And that includes swimming. They show the curves of a woman’s legs beautifully. He couldn’t testify until I adjusted my robe. I killed eight gophers last year. And pictures of apricots. Bananas require constant attention. Short skirts as opposed to long, do you recommend tights or pantyhose? And the princess squeezes grape juice. My other wrist is ringing. Why not let your girlfriend turn you into a frilly and lacy girl. It wastes your time and it annoys the pig. Do you wear opaque black tights with your uniform? A giraffe has nothing else to give. She carefully considered every comma. And I started wearing tights almost daily early on with the dresses. He wanted to devote his life to lingerie. I think he’s pointing. Are we in the room right now? Dipping her high heels in toe first, and then covering her legs to the tops of her stockings. People who like the lower body tend to be frightened. Shiny beige nylon stockings, white sneakers and socks. A budding romance can bloom at the strangest times. A brawny plumber came to fix her pipes. Aren’t you staring at my button? My previous bicycle, yes. You said I didn’t need socks. Eventually your bones will change shape. Somebody put a pillowcase on a gnome. These women are anchors. Every little movement has its own meaning.