Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

All the day I am an object of laughter, everyone mocks me. Fine towels are friendliness. The squirrel wasn’t going anywhere. For some reason I have to be in a certain mood to eat lettuce. And indeed they did, in skirts, pantyhose and high heels. It is an exercise in sexual physics. Three lesbians on a dangerous mission. Does anyone hear me complaining about the breasts? That’s pretty strong rust. I think it moved. He doesn’t have to see the pole. You could ride a walrus to work. There’s nothing like a Spanish dancer to take the paint off. That guy hates raccoons. I am the florist who is filled with mood. You can’t hear a pod. You preferred to be a lunatic. She’s wearing beige hosiery. Those shoes look Canadian. My daughter likes my chicken neck. And he finishes with a plum. You may be liable to be knocked down without an option. I saw the long seam of her stocking as she leapt for the tailboard. Your natural enemy is a lemon. What was sensible about a budgerigar? I can’t get this blasted pair of tights out of my beaker. And the horse sneezed back at him. And she won’t even give you a tumbril. Obsidian tastes of licorice. Gently glide your weasel.

Would you please kiss me? Please don’t ever take my shoes again. Please enjoy a fish anus. I’ve been trying to buy a girdle for five years. I must be turning into a god. The farmers gave each of their turkeys little leather boots. Goats keep putting it off. Either that or an impatient owl driving a car. That hill is so large. Music becomes languorous. They will be dust but will be dust in love. Lousy try Brian. If you love women in tights, you are home. Upsetting local badgers and sleeping policemen. No time to lose. The contrast of the white in chocolate is stunning. I saw the black bra. I’m talking about taking it out and chopping it up. You can’t push the ocean. A raccoon, after all, is a raccoon. That beard has been retired. Some marginal documents at the foot of the elephant. Is this a musical table? My hands submerge into hearts. I thought lying would increase my chances of finding out about the nipples. But there aren’t many catfish left here. The size of the head was determined by the size of the oven. You must lead a charming life. When was the last time someone was murdered with a tugboat? Her ointments have done wonders. Well, earlier I was a swan.

JULY 2002
I am not imagining a butterfly. If you wear a black skirt or dress and black shoes, wear black stockings. The long happy beach is charming. But she is beautiful because you love her. That looks like my old toaster. But what about monkeys? Now he dances to bring her back. And you’re driving the monkey to the airport. They’re nice on trees but not on walls. He didn’t come anywhere near my tabloids. This dirt has meaning. Do you have any grapes? Pretty soon we were smearing her nipples with soup. What rhymes with dog? The look of a garter belt with the ease of pantyhose. My favourite things are garter belts and stockings. I wish I hadn’t been able to kill. Then he looked up to the sky, and his eyes turned blue. It’s about the size of a small pebble. Old guys becoming pandas. I think the sandwich is probably a good sign. Is it okay if I use mayonnaise? You sing some song to she. After that you take the girl’s clothes off. Two strange little creatures who seem to be arguing over what to do. Why does he stare at your breasts? There’s no better feeling than thick warm tights. And then I saw my cat wearing underpants! I am entangled in a love affair with two coats. How about an electronic olive? And I’m only a piece of wood.

JUNE 2002
Squeezed out of a cow? A magician wandered along the beach, but no one needed him. The one with the red fishnets and the black vinyl top. It’s the absolute stocking top truth. You can really taste the goat. One hour later they find their keys in the toilet. Stand by for more honey. I thought he just liked the room. For it is love that I desire. I use habit and routine to make my life possible. This is false reflecting. I followed your napkin. Why are we surrounded by squirrels, and what do they want? You slap the chicken around until it has a glazed look on its face. You are my special possession and dearer to me than all other people. I know things about pigeons. I know how to yell. My son was playing it with a piece of cheese. That leaves only seven more humps. My other friend couldn’t taste his peaches. You stay here and guard my sandwich. I’m searching for a large goat. Yoko jumped over the fence. Why did he have to say that extra thing? You alone suffice: you fulfill all my heart’s desires. So I stared at her legs in the sheerest silk stockings. Somewhere outside a dog was barking. That’s because there was no ice. My net binds the hornet’s deaf grandmother. I don’t know, but I’m sure it had parents.

MAY 2002
I just wanted to show you the kittens. Not this but that. Or you know…silk lingerie. He was penniless and highly inflammable. He tries to distract himself with prostitutes, movies, dances and his kite. I see you raised your tongue again. The concept of the bed was simple. Funny thing, love. Her parrots masturbate. I stand behind my fruit. The set of lions in the Sahara is not empty. I restore walls, not pigeons. And teeth can’t tell time. Every night he dreams he’s holding a live fish in his hands. It can sleep in the arms of the killer. I’m somewhere where I don’t know where I am. The breasts go in the elbows. Mistook it for an actual ham. What are you thinking? I can’t go back without dirt. Opaque tights are very sexy. It is a private rod and is always kept upstairs. This is what everyday sex is like, if we’re lucky. Making music seems to me not so different from sex with flowers. If it is you make potato, you make the first potato. Never leave your duck loaded. Why am I looking at six dead cows? Am I responsible for any of these vulgar fluctuations, which begin with unhappiness and end with tea? Has anyone seen the iguana? I am now a perfectly safe penguin. I think that black tights are very nice.

APRIL 2002
When she caresses her nipples she soon feels like making love. My boyfriend pleads with me to show off my stockinged foot. We can't just sit around talking about your ankles. His heart crushes for her. Just once I'd like a parrot to say that to me. With black tights, sexy seams running up to their thighs. I must have fruit. There seems to be something with feathers flashing at us. I would really welcome a floor that is different. A beautiful woman groaning in the storms of her own melee. Ghosts removed their pants for chastened filaments. Stockings, a rubber mask and more. We're not supposed to, but sometimes we go to the moon. They encourage the girls to wear tights or pantyhose. I'm still the ugliest man in China. Your ground is so comfortable. My thumb is fading fast. And I hope she's not on her pyramid. Deep in the dark a kiss will thrill me. It was the only place he could experiment with his cheeses. A person should run only when he's being chased. What about the tights - did you get the red ones? She'll bring her own soap. I wanna tell you but I just can't find the voice. My uncle still has my nose. But they're so beautiful. Am I buying you the eggs or are you buying me the eggs? I am firing pearls at you. Let me be the shy one in your volume. The midget flew off the chair.

MARCH 2002
They are so beautiful and love to wear tights. And here's the best part, we all love potatoes. The equations are drawn in the shape of horses. And they already have their own helmets. Just from another planet with those legs. Something else to see was the top of her stocking tops as she bent over. Your jelly stays right in the middle. As I am now, so will you be. Featuring the same figure frowning in pink lingerie. My mother keeps legless goats. Nude trombone player in bath mystery. This is the cleavage. You may see grown squirrels crying in sadness. Her breasts were my breaths. It teaches girls to be feminine wearing tights and a skirt. You kiss me and tell me you love me. Except there are no dry cleaners in Peru. Even the shade of her stockings has changed to a warmer hue. I think you just got your trees. I have only two breasts. A satin gown slides up a thigh. She also has nice shoulders. You are naked the elderberry still bounces. Something with squirrels, I imagine. Let me massage you with rats. Norwegian people explode if they eat the right food. I'm a terrible masturbator. Stay in love forever. There's a closet behind that secretary. In those days men with the same face shot one another. Do they eat bread in Scotland?

The only thing I really care about is my bed. The lump I have is useless. Old wall where sudden lizards flash. She's caressing the girls that are trying to caress me. The fabric that caresses the skin. I have seen the world's most beautiful women undress in ordinary solitude. We're talking about an illegal fish. And one pair of ladies' grey hose with lisle suspender tops. Could the freak be any more vague? The banana sticks to the wall. Boys like seeing girls in tights black or skin coloured it doesn't matter. This is the girl. I want to touch you in an undisclosed location. If they could send a woman wearing stockings who might whisper the word. I see my breasts seemingly inflate and stand erect. It's halfway between a pigeon's feather and the fog. Things get a little more intense. Obviously the gorillas don't come to you. Can I ask you about those boots? I like pantyhose on sexy woman wearing short skirts. I dream of snuggles and kisses and hugs. Kiss me, you’re beautiful – these are truly the last days. I love wearing thick cable knit sweater tights. All in all, it had been a weird, weird lottery. He’s gonna be a fry cook on Venus. Is this your mouth? Poison a hill and make him eat it. Three walls in the raspberry.

But a chihuahua's love made me look up again. We still need to get the other two bits. Why is there a towel on your head? Two squirrels are in the yard! Do you want your spoon back? You're thinking of a man with two knives. A brother who wears his mother's clothes. He was pointed towards the ocean and growling. They swung and trembled as she stooped to strip off tights. She was dressed in camels and zebras and goats. Just between that black hem and the black boot - the delicacy of her white stocking. He's capable of locating the gum. Like a lot of other guys I like wearing girls' tights and pantyhose. All I know is that I'm thrilled by your kiss. Are you not sorry for what you have done to my cake? Stop harassing my wise old yoghurt. No pants and a real tight sweater. I hammer dorsal fins into fish on a daily basis. And she made the camels drink also. Blowing bubbles in milk, smelling a baby. We're gonna learn the names of those green trees. I was never in my life so happy to see a chicken. Rip it like a bodice. Exotic nights should be spent in this bedroom. Underneath the bra is black. I really enjoyed that. Huge breasts on a waitress. Everybody looks relaxed with a shag. The lotus has delighted me for years. A long life eating porridge is best. The main lesbian is in the corner of the room and she's whipping up the milk.

And never to look at another camel. Others compare to pantyhose. Why is he hugging our trash? It's not really a floor. And she wore white tights underneath. Nude bodies twine erotically. May I express enjoyment of my pastry? Her skirt rising over fishnet stockings as she crosses her legs. Let's take the penguin higher. The more you stroke it, the more orange it becomes. And besides, the pig likes it. I'm merely offering you a crumpet. Maybe the curtains aren't that bad. In retrospect I'm not actually sure it was a horse. There are phantoms in this blood. Why does Jesus have a lasso? You can read through a tomato. The soup counts. I'm giving you a raise. Probably of greatest interest to roofing contractors. You must have natural breasts. Contemporary calf, headcap worn. The giraffe is the year's longest eyelash. Is there a black dog in your head? A strange man rubbing your head with a plastic cat. It's great to cuddle in the middle of the bed. There's nothing worse than losing a foot. That cactus is right. A biscuit is the stuff of a madman's dreams. A biscuit always forgets. You'll never hear a sharper China.

I spend my afternoon watching lettuce float. A pair of pantyhose has been tossed onto a lamp. It was a duck on a helmet. Some of us are trying to weld. Only when the moon is rising, only in the company of Swedes. It's not my fault if you will be a cat. That flamingo thing impresses me. Your feet are really close to my potato. Let's ask this walking hat. I dreamed I conquered flamboyant demons. I also like wearing girl's tights. I stole this accordion from a blind monkey. She was a lot happier about this in the other room. It's hard to be depressed when you're looking at a giant mitten. This hat is interesting. In that sweet country I'll rest my weapon. Maybe some of the chicken heads will have to explode. My books used to be perfect. One life is a mustard burp. Why did I have the bowl? It's a hemming thing. But it is not a complete kitchen. You will mark the spot. Black tights on pretty legs are very nice. This woman you love is naked. My caterpillar is perfectly hairy. That explains why you were so good with my nipples. Now my testicle's got ants on it. I need somebody, I feel so lonely. It was the most beautiful face I've ever seen.

I mixed him with two chairs and a toboggan. But it’s upsetting all the buffalo. I cannot believe you upholstered the wrong thing. Sometimes alone, sometimes with tea. I wear tights in secret but I wish I could wear them openly all the time, they look so good. What will survive of us is love. But she had certainly never heard it suggested that they were used for storing penguins. She showed me her special stitch. And he also made false teeth. I was happy with my tree. You took all the grass away and filled it with chickens. Nothing holds the attention like a squirrel in physics class. The truth is we came back as a choir. I love girls in a school uniform with tights and short skirts. It’s a woman in your room. Why am I sitting on a lizard? Romantic foreign money rubbing against the thigh with rough familiarity. Like a horse getting choked by a person with really big strong hands. I’m going to make the pig walk. That’s a terrific wing. Five mice went on a picnic. It’s time to release the baboons. Some drawing and carving of wax teeth may be required. That’s nothing but one hour of a waterfall. The doughnuts keep everyone together. Elephants don’t have keys. One by one the penguins stole my sanity. I thought the turtle might be thirsty. The box needs to be higher than his nose. Where will they put all the squirrels? Fly into my saxophone.

Water quenches a flaming fire. And corn calling with the voice of a man. Music is as important as sleep. The oranges blowing up, hens had to cry out. Our pants had pants. Look through the red part…if you dare. Don’t ever let the rooster see that you are scared. New socks make me neurotic. I see two almonds touching. Are you going to buy lingerie or what? Invalidates paves resurrection. These patterns are squares but we need triangles. Two squirrels cavort in her cleavage. But take me home with you when I die. Spend it with your lips on mine. I sense unavoidable darkness looming near. A chicken went into a library. Don’t talk about all the popular dogs in the world. Flowers smell like halibut. Alien babies and chickens possessed by the devil. She has visions of naked women and is afraid of a smiling little girl. My skin is silver, my heart all gold. Wonderful things happen to me when I fall in love. All decked out in fishnet stockings and lacy black lingerie with leopard print trim. It rings a stupid little bell. Do women ever explode? I’m counting your shrimps. You kiss my lips and then it’s done. She’s chosen the wrong ladder. I think tights are cool.

A fish, yesterday. Girls, legs crossed in their fishnet tights. I too will be the one who no longer walks these streets. And fishnets the colour of Oriental jade. The struggle mouth to mouth and limb to limb. It is necessary to take a short towel. And wear nude hose or dark tights. I take off my underwear in other people’s homes. Her breast bounce over his face…her hard nipples teasingly brush his lips. I may be synthetic, but I’m not stupid. She looks fantastic in short skirts and opaque tights. Delivers incredible shape retention. And where do you grind the corn? The pigeon’s eye is orange. My den is funky. The cows hated the dogs. And it’s not your bosoms. She’s most accommodating when she’s in her lingerie. The twins seem to be restless. Lifts his lips to her breasts, still trapped inside that lacy bra. No signed paper can hold the iron. It can be as simple as a pair of fishnets or a pretty slip. I am writing this punishment with a pen. Fanciful lingerie that will glorify my fabulous self. Rocks fill their own shadows without hesitation. Naked – wants to be. Tonight she would dance alone in feral vigilance. Never go home with a dirty tarpaulin. It felt good to be in the car. When I strangled a ballerina. I like to wear red tights with black fishnet tights over the top and a long black skirt with boots.

JULY 2001
A gift from my favourite crustacean. Well, how big is the pig? The surrealistic mindscape is my pet obsession. This is a cement hole. Wait until it rains and wear it with tights. Those fluid hips, those cars or camels. One day a horse stepped on me. I don’t know Buffalo Bill. His miraculous hand untangled her tights and they came away. And the knife is tall. Even the old stove rebels at the vile trash. My heart has been yours now and will always remain. He parts the blouse, revealing the bra. Don’t dismiss the ships. My shoes are melting. She had on a big print skirt and black tights. My cushion is flat. The animal with skin like a beard. Well, I love fishnet stockings. The dog is in the dogcase. The relative merits of stockings or tights. He especially likes black fishnet stockings with a lacy black garter belt. A severe insult to the brain. One muffin for six women. And they’re baited with custard. Wearing their clothes makes me feel closer to them. Does this uniform make me look pretty? What an ugly bag. The magic fish turn away and cry. It looked like it could run. I’m watching as the shapes are drawing slowly from her eyes.

JUNE 2001
It’s a secret I learned from a rabbit. Good sex is more valuable than the most precious treasure. Stop and be friendly. The wheelchair men want their teeth back. A moment later, the Peruvian is gone. Do not jump on ancient uncles. And the edges are everywhere. She is exploring his arsenal. That is a nice boulder. What’s a crop? My goat is not courteous. The monkey howled with rage when the fox stole his bananas. Stanley looked quite bored and detached, but then penguins often do. How does skin work? Plus cutting correspondence other watermelon. My uncle runs an oxygen farm in Bolivia. It’s against the rules to twirl a sardine. Some kind of pill that makes turtles speed up. Last week they had this elephant. What sort of noise might that pig be making? A perfect stranger tells me to act like a frying fish. We chased them through bramble. And a real arrow. And then the toaster will not work. Her long hair is worn loose over a long skirt and black tights. The cake won’t fit. Sheep stand in the rain. This building is jumping off itself. Another pause in the rocking schedule. You should have bought a squirrel.

MAY 2001
He invented a rainbow but lightning struck it. Large males are what females prefer. The character’s breasts, for example, jiggle. There are so many more kisses. And watching a naked woman make art from paint smeared on her breasts. And he wanted it so badly. Mud on my breasts. I love the way you can make them float and dance with ease. Even on the floor it’s significant. A dove has gone on a voyage. Or just down the back of the fork. But I would rather be horizontal. Cherish your bear, and your bear will feed your fire. I hope these are your shoes. An arousing contrast of decent black stockings and indecent white petticoats strongly suggesting no drawers beneath. We taste great water great sex. Occasionally I like to help the humans. Homeowners throw dandelions out with the trash. I felt strongly that it was a blasphemy against kneeling. These dolphins seem bent on mayhem. We like to wear tights and show our balls. I don’t think I can go on living my life as I have lived it. That is not a classic penguin. I prefer the way that stockings transform my legs. And twenty pretty girls to carry them down. My head and my same two arms. I gave you a continuous present. Everything belongs to me because I am poor. This must be a stem. Now I’ve got tights that make my legs look great. That’s why I do this.

APRIL 2001
The pages of all the books are blank. See how I look in tights. Then he slowly moves his hands towards her breasts. How could I not love someone as beautiful as you? The little orange France above my heart. You’re gonna punch a kitten later? Move right hand across left breast. More Russian profanities. I couldn’t sleep so I thought I’d scream. I have failed in everything I have tried to do. And parsnips taste like parsnips. A lifetime of measuring the complexity behind such an endlessly astonishing face. It’s more about invisible midgets under your skirt. Let’s make it a happy pig. You, it’s you, it will always be you. Now you’re going to think about your tongue. She’s got a small waist and big breasts. He buys her a piano and they fall in love. One of her filmy silk stockings lay in a shimmering pile beside the bed. To kiss lengthily, passionately or lustily. Her arms about me are love. It was a net flung wide, like fishnet stockings. He was there when I had the fight with the waffle. There are no shadows anywhere. This is obviously the bad house. And our coconuts kept banging together. I wouldn’t mind twisting a thing. I know the goose. And tied his horse to me. The spooky rumbling is a distant timpani.

MARCH 2001
An ecstasy that is pure and truly human. Her skirt was pulled up to reveal stockings, suspenders and underpants. Actually, nothing has changed. My cat’s a Methodist. This one’s about to give you glory. Don’t blame the mechanism. When was the last time you cleaned your guns? All I could remember was four tomatoes. Sheer black or green tights with short tops that stopped at hosiery’s waistline. This is not the sea. Why is everything the same? While they are kissing you can see that she is wearing a bra. Wave it at anything that slithers. Bad hinge. I’ve seen this window before. I know you are, but what am I? Every now and then I have to run a little water through it. Are you a princess in distress? It’s definitely in the pot. You did wiggle the pyramid. She removes her shoes and stockings on a hot day. Muffin identification doesn’t mean anything. Orders from the house. Now, where was I? To roll myself towards the yellow stripe. Obviously my pot likes me. This is the Indian of a pursuit. I’m slow and I’m weak. To the right of the two stacks. It beat now only because it could. Did they throw grapefruit at the Jehovah’s witnesses?

The crow wished everything was black. Kiss me like crazy. It makes your skin look very smooth, like you’re wearing stockings. I ended up spending the evening in fishnet stockings and a bra watching TV. The church begins to disappear. The kisses were nice, soft and gentle. In the cosmos of the universe, you are the curve. Am I not beautiful in this tree? He pulls off her black opaque stockings and opens her blouse. I think I shall be a woman always. But our love stills stands upright. Sheer but not like you’re completely naked. Here was a girl delicious in white tights. I brought you these four peas. It is also a beautiful spot to make love to a beautiful woman. Nobody has figured out where wood comes from. I will not need a second thrust. And the day before yesterday a penguin. Everything that is normally done on the bosom is done on the back. You just bought yourself a lizard. It is not clear what this has to do with mayonnaise. I wear dresses. I don’t know where to put things. And you’re talking about your poodle. Palm trees move unexpectedly. You often dream of being chased by rabid giraffes. When the nipple makes its first appearance. I go to my love the way I go to the ocean.

It is all for love. I got this hug that’s been building up. We’ve got lumps of it round the back. Do you wash your own chipmunks? Fishnets and similarly sexy, feminine stockings are in right now. The stars are out and so am I. Maybe send back my umbrella. The future of heat is the future of cold. They weren’t even my raisins. We made that box. Happiness leaves everything as it ends. Nothing wrong with this Norwegian. Young lovers twine together, naked and rapturous. We saw a flag and then we saw a hat. They won’t learn anything about apples today. You’ve forgotten what it’s like to have oranges. The cucumbers are getting wiser. That moose is on fire. Board aspire band obscene though space message. It’s a slightly effeminate hat. Hikes up her skirts and undoes her stockings and suspenders. I’m afraid I already swallowed it while you were talking. My first memory is green. Cultivate the Switzerland in your soul. Dog in a perfect circle, wow. There’s nothing like fresh powder. Hamlet is everything you’ve ever thought about sex. She had black stockings on and these tight skirts. The octopus lost the nostrils. Wearing pink fishnets in the elevator. Caress toes across neck.

It is all for love. I got this hug that’s been building up. We’ve got lumps of it round the back. Do you wash your own chipmunks? Fishnets and similarly sexy, feminine stockings are in right now. The stars are out and so am I. Maybe send back my umbrella. The future of heat is the future of cold. They weren’t even my raisins. We made that box. Happiness leaves everything as it ends. Nothing wrong with this Norwegian. Young lovers twine together, naked and rapturous. We saw a flag and then we saw a hat. They won’t learn anything about apples today. You’ve forgotten what it’s like to have oranges. The cucumbers are getting wiser. That moose is on fire. Board aspire band obscene though space message. It’s a slightly effeminate hat. Hikes up her skirts and undoes her stockings and suspenders. I’m afraid I already swallowed it while you were talking. My first memory is green. Cultivate the Switzerland in your soul. Dog in a perfect circle, wow. There’s nothing like fresh powder. Hamlet is everything you’ve ever thought about sex. She had black stockings on and these tight skirts. The octopus lost the nostrils. Wearing pink fishnets in the elevator. Caress toes across neck.