Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Saturday, June 14, 2003

APRIL 2003
Clams don’t have teeth. And this is only Thursday morning. I am a lamp. Amazon goddess seeks lowly and generous slave to worship my stockinged feet. I started thinking about how good it would be to get her in bed with me with those tights and leotard on. Show me a tree that’s different. It looks like you’re messing with the ferret again. You’re upset because we gave them your old giraffe. I want to have filthy, dirty, sweaty sex. You have an enchanting musk. We came out of it naturally the worst. Woodwinds trading motifs. And why would a box lie to a person? It was time for me to start wearing nylons. Beautiful women who wink. This slinky, vivacious redhead exhibits a lot of attitude, her eyes will really draw you in. The girls are very sensual as they fondle and suck each other’s nipples and rub their butts. Sometimes a dwarf was used. The roads leading to a castle that doesn’t exist. Would I be able to find a buffalo or not? We didn’t have an elephant in Liverpool. She seduced a man from Pakistan with a penguin fetish. I threw my buzzer. This room is surrounded by film. What fun it is to talk to an intelligent woman wearing stockings as she crosses her legs. In some attempt to make her appearance even sexier, she bought and wore a pair of black nylon pantyhose. You must let the cut make itself. It’s the only carpet in the world with a moving lump. I almost killed a lady. Because its ribs are broken I want to laugh.