Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Thursday, January 01, 2015

I’m good with just the muffs. There’s nothing cuter than a little dress paired with chunky boots during the winter. And as stockings by women and girls. Where it all goes on, the endlessly resisting life, the whale pulse. For you, what is happiness Jump into tights, and turn ourselves into the slaves. Because honestly we all wear black tights during winter time. Oh hello, giant crotch hole. If I go somewhere to cry for you how will I stop. There is something for you in the world of tights. The dusky sheen of my corn, the perfume of my salt. I’ve always been a dresses girl. You and I remember Budapest very differently Since I am nothing, I am whole. So I swapped the thick tights for sheer, sexy nylons. Tights you imagine something like a skirt going over. A girl like me always loves a vertical stripe, especially in the leg region. My favourite solution is to simply add a pair of tights to almost any party dress. So no matter what, you should at least have a pair of the traditional black tights. But today you count the late frozen stars. Isn't language a curious thing? That was just an innocent window. How will it feel, the knife? Leggy types (TIGHTS). The wonderful moose and the wonderful moose shadow. Only clean lingerie should go next to that clean skin. You should never underestimate the role of tights. There has just descended one shower of rain. (I still maintain this is not a real thing). Everything's funny now, which we hadn't expected. Turn the tights inside out while washing and dry in the shadow.