Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Sunday, June 01, 2014

MAY 2014
I had no idea how these strange shapes can turn into a pair of tights. I hoped she’d die, though tried to love her. Yet I see only tights. Your lack of seriousness is a total thing of beauty. The water didn't belong to the water. If I have to wear tights, I figured I'd at least keep a theme. You can't go wrong with a great pair of pantyhose this time of year! Wearing tights is easy with dresses. I am truly obsessed with all tights, whether it’s sheer, opaque or specialty tights like lace and crochet. Sheer or opaque tights under your shorts are a great solve! You notice the old nurse wears a girdle as she bends over you. My favorite part of being goth was the fishnets and lacy stockings. And I was in love with them, because they were all I had left. Like a jaguar who once drank rain off the leaves. It doesn't matter where I sleep. Turn your tights around. Opaque black stars scattered across sheer tights, for the chic space explorer. A planet you no longer stand on. You cannot identify the plaid until you are standing close to the person wearing it. The underpants were set on fire. But they inharmoniously intrude to interrupt the conveyance of a total image of grace. Or you could just keep on wearing your black tights! And somehow I feel a bit more like a lady in them. Who cares what psychiatrists write on walls? The silver glittering pattern sparkles along your legs and across the room wherever you go. Tights with small peas will be suitable for those who get hesitated by numerous looks of the surrounding people. Tights (black ones especially) sexually appeal to many males and enhance many mysterious feelings. They could also work well for sexy time of course. Only you and your mirror will know it is the same pair of tights. Let the tights do all the talking. I find they add just the right amount of jazzy sophistication without too much fuss!