Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Saturday, June 01, 2013

MAY 2013
Maybe I’ll become a novelist. Can you raise yourself onto your toes by an inch? I wore opalescent white nylons that made my legs white and shimmery like a unicorn. It is the perfect time to have fun with hosiery. They translated the blackboard's fog to letters. The red rubber fountain of ecstasy. But for the sheer fun of it, you should treat yourself to coloured tights. Our love is like the flowers. Have you a fire for me? Frothing for a blunted, lovestruck glint of moon. Auburn nylon thighs encircled my happy and sad face. Raising his timid hands to touch the dim Irish fire of her hair. I just couldn't let this girl not be in tights and heels. But the ones that are open on the fingers. But then my tights population multiplied too quickly. I am wearing some navy blue ones right now and it just occurred to me how much I love them. The message is clearly in the rainbows. A happenstance of riffle and spume. I was the big stupid dinosaur in the middle. We want your stories (and your used tights) to better understand how tights affect us. You feel that every single part of these adorable neutral tights is truly loveable and lovely! And immediately took to calling me Mr. Tights. I took a practice finesse yesterday. I did not present a ready target for the arrow that flies by night. I almost never leave the house in a skirt or dress without pantyhose. To secure the carp along the river road. That burning mouse had set a great course of events in motion. I like the idea of hot spicy legs. A goat, the neck of a man. I am talking about the blackest of black; the most opaque tights money can buy. Nylons make any outfit more complete.