Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Saturday, May 11, 2013

APRIL 2013
I went back and got the red tights because I liked them. These were adorable tights and fun. I'm really not that fond of getting stuck to inanimate objects. Always have an extra pair of tights with you. Because fish swim out of my mouth. The moon has its own job. The cows stared blankly at your car. In this we grow lonely though not alone. One must learn to live with stone. We talk about the passing stars and owls and undersea creatures. Which I loved against the black tights! You, when young, dreamed you'd become a tree. The churn of stale words in the heart again. There's just something so appealing about feet in tights and hosiery, isn't there? She displayed glamorous beauty even in red tights. Dublin wakes to horses and rain. The holes in thick tights are either nonexistent or too fine to let water pass through. I must live in my lantern. You have left but I haven't stopped kissing your lips. A pride man is below to pig. Some sounds are lost forever. She was really helpful with a pair of French tights. I like the alien legs! And I, daring and secure, waved back at her waving. We come from love, and love we crave. The butterflies left Poland on Tuesday. Listening hard for the sound of our own disappearance. In the winter, under whistling stars. They have discovered the joys of the silky feel of tights. Exiting one another with the kiss.