Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

I would start with purchasing opaque black tights. Do they know that black pantyhose is sexy? The gauge of a yarn is also in command of a slouch. These days, texture shouldn't be hard to find. If you want to raise a good man, sometimes you've got to give him the freedom to be an adorable girl. My mouth is open and I am singing. Nothing had to be corrected today as well and I got praised for being so good at it. Somehow both he and the tights survived the carnage. Last night I made love to a star. His mother sold stockings in Manhattan. I have an unhealthy relationship with tights! He will get a job carrying an umbrella in a salt package. What the hell is a mallard? Just go to the lingerie department and buy what you want! I kissed the one who most needed kissing. Please, let's focus on the dress. I saw a tree inside a tree. I hate feeling like a big sausage squirming around all day. And double layers of stockings / tights etc. Let's say you want to dress up as a fish for Halloween. He's put each sentence through its purgatory. It made no difference they were the same person. In every legend a monster has been more splendid. Who said the story had to be the story? My machine kept eating the edges. I'm obsessed with your tights, so cute!! Why didn't he just wear the tights himself and stroke his own leg? Before I knew what had happened I was standing in front of that leg. I am a sucker for a beautiful pair of tights. A pair of sheer pale hose would have increased her sophistication level by leaps and bounds.