Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Friday, February 01, 2013

You gave me a boot (signs on it!) and I ate the wind. Hug me, damn it all, and I'll kiss you back to life.And around its scorched cap she has twilled a twine of flame. Written in smoke and blurred by mist and signed of solitude, sealed by night. Look on a boa in his beauty and you'll never more wear your strawberry leaves. If I lose my breath for a minute or two, don't speak, remember! I live for tights and boots. All the world rides us, and I think we shall never ride anybody. Music consisted of light and light came on time. I feel almost as if I’m naked, but I’m not. Sometimes women tend to forget the importance of tights. Do not break these proofs of eternity. I want gap between my tights. I thought of it as a woman not a man. Pink doves once blinked, two. Especially for a girl up here in the prairie with the strong wind and the big snows! If hungering for anything, we're hungering for fire. Would prove your body was made of moths. Let your love of sweet adornments continue into very aspect of your outfit. And the birds actually prefer it when you don't sing to them. What wickedness clings to me. I had no idea you were such a fan of the mollusk. If having a peacock feather or a jellyfish winding its way up your leg can be considered restrained. I am wearing three pairs of tights. (which I suspect may be much more glamorous than actually being an octopus). They are simply men who like to wear pantyhose. The tights are meant to be a reflection of lava, ice, wind and rain in Reykjavik. I was glad to be back in a dress. Put them on slowly, and gently bend while applying them over your legs. I'm obsessed with hearts. Yesterday morning, I left the house wearing a pair of ribbed orange tights.