Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Friday, June 01, 2012

MAY 2012
Some strand determines infatuation as a daughter's fate. They're just so hard to part with! Swim the magic ocean I've been crying all these years. They seemed to gain a second wind from the brush with mortality. Tights are meant to cover and accentuate the form. I spent the afternoon running around my garden in checked tights and eyeliner. Think of him as Brian and kick the snot out of him. Danger was greenest blue, was red, was a green tune filled with cats. I'm ready for a pillow. We were kissing, and then we weren’t, and you had your face between my legs. It was like reading another language; a language I should have picked up in my teens. This tiny spiral staircase in the corner appears to be moving. It may even give you a rush of excitement to make a purchase now. I love the feel of multiple layers of tights on my legs. Who was this saint of glass? Elephants whose tusks went to Connecticut. It was an elegant umbrella and the ferrule was barely scratched. They keep talking until they reach December. Tights are designed to cover the entire leg and the hip. One who is preoccupied with displaying their own internal struggles. Have you ever wore tights and a pink tutu and whirled and twirled all day? Now you can perform an underwater ballet with this tutu and tights! The first slaughter is for victory, but the second slaughter is for grief. These are the stockings I am wearing, and one reason why I want to wear a short dress. After a few questions, the groundskeeper laughed. A pair of mannequin legs turned upside down and fitted with nylon stockings. And it always says that it's the shirt that went wrong. October loves these patterned tights. I think I’m going to spend this summer living in tights. The tights findings in Iceland have been quite resplendent. But once you move back into black, you're in the realm of stockings again.