Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Thursday, March 01, 2012

There is nothing more beautiful than a vulnerable grid. With each false breath, you are drifting closer. My sister is obsessed with skulls. Naturally they’d be European. The night my father died I buried myself. Try wearing them when they will barely be seen to get in the habit. The pond mistakes itself for the time being. I feel as though i am walking on a cloud. Surprisingly I have never worn it with blue tights. He felt his tights allowed women to run and catch a cab and still look elegant. Signs wave their arms as we pass over. And when he thought of sex, it was as of a process which could tear him limb from limb. My Eyes meet my Eyes but they are not my Eyes. No grumpiness or surliness for this gal; just bright red tights. I was terrified for the entire hour I was in there. Nobody knows why a zombie quickly sat on the grumpy candle. However, this particular elephant nervously cleaned a dancing pile of biscuits. A cat painted a screaming gardener. And so, the monkey destroyed a confusing dead body. Put me near a stage and I yearn for tights. The robot angrily kicked the flaming paper. There is always one left behind on the shore. Or, at a pinch, tights. Can you please come here and rip my tights? And even some questionable licking. I personally find elephant ankles sexy. But since that's covered by the corset, it'll look correct. Nothing's changed, I still love my tights! I was taught to think about love in Chinese.