Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Monday, August 01, 2011

JULY 2011
A horse's hoof as it rises off a stone. That you were blameless, that you were luminous. His eyes slid down the front of her dress. The light makes you seem strong enough to scrape off the darkness. I like fashion magazines. But most of all I wanted to see your eyes. Of knowing which bedroom drawer she kept her nylon hose in. If she comes in I'll say I was showing you the incunabula. The ghosted images so perfectly arranged in her mind. Many a married man has had his jilly. You'd be surprised at how much use I get out of these babies. It's not the same as when I flew inside the grapefruit. And he immediately wants to eat all the time and probably does not write poems about the unknown error. You can almost believe that if you were allowed to touch her breast, you'd live forever. Girls wearing pantyhose have always drawn my attention. He made those tights himself. It will allow you to wear outfits that are cute. Try wearing them around your house until you feel confident enough to share your awesomeness with the world! It just depends on how low is low. And so you find a faded dress and soft old rose cardigan with white tights… Does the whip come with those tights? I am always comfortable with body wearing tights. I always feel more confident when I am wearing a dress and my legs are covered. He looks like evil Chinese. I'm torturing my organism and I have to bare my mother's screams to eat. I thought of you yesterday when I was putting on my tights. You can instantly lift any outfit with some cool tights. It's as if the piano tried to bite me. I like the little way the line runs up the back of the stockings. A broken spoon may become a fork. Next time I will kick him with my clogs until he leaves my wide frame of urban cool.