Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

We wear them because they’re easy, they’re cute and they’re fun.  Like the moon that night: my father.  Girl with her hair flowing around the legs.  The caravan is ever farther behind.  I guess that’s why I make corsets myself.  In tights you are still supposed to keep your knees crossed, and your underwear is not supposed to show.  It was a subtle knife, too.  I may have met her in my dreams.  I can wait longer than sadness.  You have to establish who's at the freer end of the strap.  Up her carapace the male creeps.  I need lots of room for my tights!  The pastries were awfully dry.  The bee made me shiver like a rag.  The quality is awesome and the thickness is perfect!  I wanted to extend my leg line as much as possible.  I think I’ll wear tights as long as I want to.  Their sight shifts to pigeons.  We forgot to put the doves away.  Stuff your snake and tie the end shut.  See if you can get some legs under this.  And squeeze the trigger and shoot for the heart.  It’s that tiny sliver of skin.  Can a pair of tights be a masterpiece?  Please excuse my alien hands and the lack of head.  They loved each other but a lemon tree grew between them.  It is true I am a wisp of a woman.  It's sometimes fun to be out of your element and take on the characteristics of the city you're visiting.