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Thursday, July 01, 2010

JUNE 2010
All women in the world loves to wear tights and men wants his lover or wife should wear tights, because it will make them more sexy. Putting on a dress, I was floored by a surge of energy. I totally love the idea of fuchsia tights! I liked the idea of a black floral dress to complement the tights. (Buying the tights was a total afterthought). A beautiful Frenchwoman, dressed immaculately in a fur coat, stockings and high heels, and smelling of the most intoxicating perfume. Just love the feel of her pantyhose legs touching my skin and it all feels very nice. I wore a white dress and purple shoes. I will love you always and be thankful for the beauty of just sharing life with you. A slightly more summery alternative to my usual opaques. We encourage you go for tights with texture and patterns that are prominent. Still others just like the way tights look and feel against the skin. What do you evaluate is the bang on exile? Is it strange that I like to wear tights at home? The dress and the tights look surprisingly good on him. Pain, that was not yet the pain of love, fretted his heart. I always knew I was a girl and now woman. I'm such a fan of nylons and tights. I love wearing sheer tights in the house. Elegant, feminine, smooth texture against chairs. Does the bride come with potatoes? Eat pig like pig. I’ve teamed it with my black body here which makes the look more sophisticated. I found myself obsessed with the idea of purchasing and wearing my own pair of pantyhose. (but the bridges are hidden) Listlessly walking in the evening, not startled when an otter plunged. You’re supposed to wear panties under tights. You would be surprised how many women enjoy men in hose. You may even want to put them on the way you would a pair of pantyhose. This can be very sexy if paired with a dress.