Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

MAY 2010
Throughout her journey she finds herself falling through space and time. I really must find some silk stockings and have them filled. Put tights on and start painting swallows densely. To understand what pantyhose in nylons is all about, you need to understand the terminology. Because what we each love is to look at very small things carefully. We don't have to live by anyone else's definition of what it means to be a woman. if I were you, I'd stand a whole day just watching my legs. Pantyhose are a sign of respect for yourself and others. You will not have to keep straightening the seams of your bottom. it’s simply a twist on the mini skirt. They don’t have faith in my capacity to use a fork as a weapon. How can it be that I am not unique? The single hedge might as well be made of steel. Seven years before the phone rang. Maybe you loved us and it will never be done. You’re a poor substitute for Abraham Lincoln. One could determine if two adjectives were equal. The latest inhabitant of the famous tights. You have even less time than you think you do, however much of a mountain you are. You could call it singing. When used properly they can enhance your legs. I'd try on death to find you, gown made of grasses. I just wish the hierarchy of the description was called out more. What was an Irishman without tea? I prefer stockings on a woman. The kind shaped like a female body. I was longing to outlive this compass. I came out of the great anonymity. It’s an anaconda’s severed head, walking on its tongue. My very bones, right here in front of me! Am I mad did I imagine they had colours?