Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Friday, January 01, 2010

This skirt is really going to get around. The places cats won't go. Things I could never have imagined appeared every morning like tents. Tights are a nice way to finish off an outfit and add a touch of warmth. Place the balls in the tights, tie a piece of yarn tightly between each ball. If you are born to wear a skirt, you should better wear one. I can only imagine what one would feel like as soon as they laced themselves up in this. The librarians were grumpy. Is there something wrong with me for loving them? Warm legs equal happy ladies. You don’t want to mix too much wild with wild. My wife used these tights on an elk hunt. She becomes a stranger with sticks in her hair. Interesting trousers are equally valid. Fold them nicely in thirds and place in your drawer. The octopuses are coming! And the weird hierarchy of Hungarians who have been living in Romania forever. Those shoes look like weapons. I used to trim her topiary at least once a week. It doesn’t have to be a gown as long as you feel great in whatever you wear. Arms make good legs. Transparent pantyhose are the sexiest kind because they make your legs look perfect. The hat complaining to the rectangle about its lack of grammar. I couldn’t stop thinking about wearing my red ones and I am glad I did. As opposed to one showcasing my obsession with printed tights. Accordions grin at dismembered violin torsos. Your dress is helping you to be polite and wise simultaneously. Perhaps one of his newts had got tonsillitis or something. There are littles to kiss. Sheers drawn across the east window lay on her slim body like the shadow of a stocking. A mosquito dreaming in a cage for a bird.