Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Thursday, October 01, 2009

You like the thought of the look of yourself in black. There was an unexplained Finn. A mesh having alternating undulations which are considerably in relief with respect to the plain mesh. I love the fact that it is tights season once again! The tights and the boxes are just lovely. People want four things. I can see myself wearing the tights with a new jumper. All the fish in my body in free fall. I have some very orderly insects in my apartment. Which might sound a little daunting (and a few other things that will go unmentioned). And the only thing I take off are my shoes when I relax at the desk. A bit of slither and shimmer and the glimpse of a stocking top are powerful aphrodisiacs. We would still be able to purchase pantyhose. She could mean the sudden breeze. There are no stockings in Iraq. I danced around in my flouncy skirt as if I were a princess. I can put my hands on two turkeys in Bradford. A kind of skirt for your neck, that straps tightly around your chin to keep you warm on cold days. I like it with opaque tights, but not with stockings. They are warm and comforting and not at all inhibiting. I'm sacrificing my brain to make my feet look good. I love your tights and the huge flower corset. Into this fog, we know about the woman. You are the following dangerous words. Would you visit a country where nobody talks? The elementary particle makes to leave and its extremities fill. Sing a haunting lullaby to yourself or let your tights do it for you. Those are the doves. Her appearing and disappearing yellow tights. It looks as though the leg goes on and on.