Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

JUNE 2009
As it happens, I love the way my legs look when I am wearing hose. And these tights are impeccable! He might just like seeing you in tights. And two pair of tights is more than enough to keep warm here. I’ve still got my black opaques at the ready for off days - they’re like my hosiery security blanket. I think it’s sensual and mysterious, while being feminine at the same time. Black hues, briefly. I placed two horses beside two tigers. We have a bowl. This is a world where you wear the tights and hosiery that you thought only stars could afford. The sheen on the creek will interrupt. Let's celebrate with a crinoline! I am a man and just not used to such special underwear. There are women who love shopping for tights, to find the perfect pair for a particular outfit. This post made me feel many forms of glee! And each particle of time has an ultimate dimension. I’d love to be able to throw on a pair of tights once in a while. I love the felling when I wear them. The blues of the stockings are so rich. Where else would the tights be? Is there anything sexier than a stunning woman teetering about on six inch heels? I could escape into the frame, unnoticed by the peasant and his wife. They are cooled by air and then stretched over rollers. All that year I hunted sequins. Who wants to live here? Tights definitely, especially in the winter, and fishnets or patterned hose. Being completely by yourself. An interesting modification on the classic shoe. For my next life I am thinking of requesting librarian. To scribble testimony by fingernail and echo