Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Sunday, March 01, 2009

There are a million reasons why I love and prefer bright tights for freezing cold weather. My casing is quiet and musical. We had the shapes of swans but we had arms. I carry the same baffled heart I have always carried. The majority of tights are worn to work by women. A full body shot, in leotard and tights, in first arabesque is preferred. All shapes of striplings in sleepless tights. There is something about the sheer flesh tone of nylons that really inspire me. Treat your legs to luxury tights. Beads are cheap and polygonal. I want skirts and dresses and the ability to break away from denim, dammit! Why is a mouse when it spins? I take pleasure in putting tights on. I love that everything is in black and white except for her tights. I love wearing tights because they keep me warm and they are usually very comfortable. It takes a real man to wear tights. Long underwear that mimics stockings or tights. She chased all the vampires for seven years. There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in. I do not hang up the phone. They're almost always black and queen sized. They compel you to reach out and attempt to caress the shiny nylon. An elegant opaque classic. There’s a possum stuck in a hole on the south side. Lately it appears I am drawn to mustard. Purple breaks away from neutral territory as a strong winter accent. When I was a girl I used to lie down. The dust has come to stay.