Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Friday, February 01, 2008

I have grown fond of Tuesdays. Deep is your sleep in the starless dark. I recently went a little crazy and bought several pairs of patterned tights. My old lady is a goof at heart. Patterned tights show off long legs. We can't go on discussing pendulums in the street. Match your tights to your dress for an elegant look. Blind angels see no goats. I sit with my legs closed, a single woman edging a plaza in Mexico. How can I create a sophisticated look with white tights? There is no death in the sun. Do not fear the tights. Once, in India, I developed a hell of a passion for maps. As if somewhere inside that rubble it was alive. You can keep your legs warm under a skirt with just a pair of tights. I am an animal full of hunger. The ocean is only a memory. Look at the balance on these pigeons. The sea no longer hears itself. I am a little Hungarian girl! Nothing much changes in the glittering rooms of the heart. Stockings and garters are the ultimate in femininity. There is a nice choice of black tones. You simply fell off the edge of the world while most of us are given circles. In which body is anagram. You a bit longer, breathing here with me. The blouse was added later to cover her nudity. Everything in the language runs into everything else. I just got a pair of red tights, and it totally made my day. Now I want to go buy some tights. Add a turtleneck and thick tights underneath.