Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Saturday, December 01, 2007

And why would you put on pantyhose and panties all in one if you're camping in Arizona? It happened in a toilet in Canada. Everybody eats berries. I can use all the excuses to wear pantyhose and tights that I can find. It is quick, slow, open, secret, crammed with jokes, prayers. We are sometimes stopped by a wasp. I got here the same way the coin did. I am seeking only the approval of the poem. The rest is only love, for which I remain an idiot. In the begonia was the worm. And now I lie beside her, touching her hair. As the ocean makes grasses, and in doing so refurbishes a lighthouse. Yes, ladies, please wear tights of any kind at all times. Don't forget to wear your tights too. And bees like little bibles in their black and gold. Please have a fun time with this strawberry gummy. He was an unknown man, singing in his own room, alone. The hippopotamus walked in the room. There is something to say about a girl that wears fishnets under her jeans. Hungarian stew that comes back to haunt you. You also have the common stockings, pantyhose and tights. A constant source of erotic delight and occasional pneumonia. How many pancakes does it take to build a dog? I adore wearing skirts and dresses. Housewife seeks taxidermist for weird life. You can throw anything on over tights and boots and look pulled together. I have good legs, but pantyhose makes them look better. Have a midget come over with a sledgehammer. She did not know if this would resuscitate him or end him. They all sat laughing in the little red wagon.