Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Saturday, October 01, 2005

It’s like giving a rolling pin to a magician. If I just have my tights on, I feel smooth, fluid. Collision in the language of sleeping wind on the red. Can you point to the credenza? Apparently a dust box. Immediately he became convinced that all the cupboards in the house were full of pineapples. They’re really soft, with just the right amount of shine. We made our toaster dance with it. A pair of pantyhose were put on my feet, then slowly pulled up. Sometimes straight men just want to be pretty and wear dresses and stockings. I never wanted to become a girl. It only has rains whispering in my ear. But we men want to have some of the fun and the benefits of wearing tights too. It follows the religion of love: whatever is the direction of the camels of love. Pantyhose are a required part of the uniform. I’m not a satanic sex god any more. And once you've learned - swim! The feel on my legs is what I like. I've only managed to walk about in the back garden in a skirt. My nipples appear puffier. Points legs in air during exercise, wearing white top & pink tights. You may decide to rethink that whale. The world is the teapot and the cup. Fun lingerie on christmas for those who have been nice but want to be naughty. I'd love to sleep in this old ship some night when the fog comes in. Elegant ladies totally encased in pantyhose and with evening dresses on. Each breath made the bronze girls breasts heave up each time. At least this hat can’t control my legs. I have asked you nicely not to mangle my merchandise.