Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Monday, August 01, 2005

JULY 2005
Pink is when you have feelings. Someone might die before every word is born. My puberty in Buffalo was drab. I was born on the side of a hill. Why can’t we use midgets? A friend of mine was wearing one and got hit by a bus. Is this the latest fashion in melon wear? Watch out for your brisket. But if I choose to wear a miniskirt I would have to wear pantyhose. Landing, you break some palace and seem odd. Kiss me and I will kiss you right back. You can turn while swimming, just by tilting your pelvis to the side while you kick. Unsuppressed lesbianism is rampant. You bend over to harvest your radishes. Burn the tree stumps at the border. It’s not easy having a good time. Others undress each other in darkened rooms. Her garter belt seemed to dance to some sublime destructive tune. Triggers can be anything. We will have to be mostly vanilla for obvious reasons! He’s not very effective during the day. A man stops to chat with a passing baboon. No way can I escape the longing I have for the breast. Her black hair shone in the room’s afternoon light. I am from the watermelon thump parades. They were just knees caught in the light. Now all you need are some black tights. Unresolved tyranny ticking supremely. I’m pretty sure the banjoes weren’t real. The solution, whatever is it, would have to include a mirror. The lemon tree itself, the sour taste of the fruit.