Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

A pig gets scared, and starts running up and down. To be honest with you I'm dying to see you in these tights. He never hesitated to speak for God’s rights and for the tights of other people. I didn't have time to go searching for blue tights, so I just used some black tights. Her body flaked into transparent salt. I am a fool in pink tights and do not deserve your mercy. And as I cultivated the ripples that uncorked of the baccarat of worms beneath. I could never think of soup or a pencil. We were formerly splendid. Stirred by a drawerful of nude and taupe nylons with runs. Also that you see the full extent of the forest and the importance of the different trees. Why are my melons wearing pantyhose? They literally give their face to pantyhose. The squirrels have expectations. She’s trying to pronounce my name. These breasts feel out of control. He flaps his elbows and he wears a dress. Her pantyhose still hung on the knob of the window. Afterward, the dog’s entire way of relating to the world is altered. And the duck was ninth. California is opening the refrigerator door. I find the sensual feel and look of a woman in pantyhose to be quite exciting. The puppetry of life have lost their glare. You had better pray you are still wearing pantyhose. I love the sight of shop assistants in opaque ribbed tights. Women who live on the outskirts of town. Like a zone. Those tights sound brilliant. I never forgot my dream to wear tights and stand in the spotlight. Eyes are larger than they should properly be.