Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Sunday, February 01, 2004

I don’t think mugs are legally binding. It all comes down to sheerness. Maybe I feel like telling you I liked your egg. Let me suck you otherness! Putting her tights on again, she liked her look better now. He began with the Royal Family, the Primitive Methodists and the price of fish. I can’t get a show unless you have a pair of black pantyhose. She always wanted to see a man in a dress. Courage is no match for an unhelpful shoe. That mountain is evil. I have continued to fold my clothes, and to keep my little diary. Since it was very cold that night, I should slide into a pair of her nylons for warmth. I want to wreck my stockings in some juke box dive. A song is anything that can walk by itself. She looks good in her fishnet pantyhose. But then you’d know how much I really need you. On a quiet day I can hear her breathing. My wife fell in the mud wearing a mini skirt and high heels. A burst buzzard alone excepted. There are these two bright blue things where my feet should be. Nippleless girls buy human body parts. A slight, bemused young woman wearing antique stockings and a vintage dress. I have better things to do than mend your vegetables. I’m an expert in undiscovered monkeys. In the end, though, the tree returns. I remember them, like craters on two moons, above the tops of her stockings. The rocking motion of the trampoline (usually caused by a lesbian who had a little too much cocaine). I've destroyed plenty of tights and pantyhose and nylons in my life. Then when I am with people I am thinking about being alone. The letter is crying. Would you dress in woman’s clothes for me?