Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Saturday, July 12, 2003

JUNE 2003
A lion pursues, because his name is lion. And the next day you’re fishing a skull out of a toilet. It has nothing to do with gravity, although it is specific. I just smile and wait for your pants to come off. Her boots were black and her stockings white and her buckles shone like silver. I’ll undress you as I make a joke. Madam, I never eat Muscatel grapes. I come from a long line of electricians. I’d love to play the saxophone at Hansel and Gretel. Her long curly black hair streaming behind her as she swims in the dress. It makes an eight. And there was this paranoid dwarf with no skin. But why do you fear a bit of bread? A chair, a bed and a toothbrush. What heart? She only smiled at the mechanics. And then he drew a picture of a plum. He noticed that it made the Eskimos uneasy. The new policy still allows for sick chickens. My eyes have seen what my heart did. Heavy weight opaque tights are undeniably the best tights a girl can wear. I asked you to put the asterisk with the cinnamon. And dipping the state ferret in a bucket of mercury. My softer flesh the fire licks. Go somewhere with me. He said it was full of librarians. I just put a piano in my kitchen. As if the names we use to name the uses of buildings. And the music tells you what to do.