Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Sunday, March 02, 2003

I rescued your hat. I hope this isn’t like feeding a raccoon. Waiting for you at home today is a flasher. A sailboat that could use a pair of underwear. What are people with hats? Take one car instead of two wherever you go. Leather boots, black pantyhose, and panties are also very provocative. My chest is still frozen to my shirt. Drive into their skulls with tennis balls. I miss that kind of clarity. Then she forgot her sponge, and ran along the passage naked. It’s obvious these two really like each other – as evidenced by their tender kisses and warm caresses. It is still a camel. But the thing that comes out of the oven is pretty close. Nobody sleeps naked in this house. How big is this chicken? It’s been two months of toaster. My chair has deceived me. My house is empty. The cabbages are coming now. You’ve been sitting on a frozen squirrel. Skilled hands shape bundles of fresh carrots in January. My guitar is mine. What do you think hotels are? Pumps, stockings and a lovely flowered dress. And watch public urination. I was ironing the teepee. I clam and scallop.