Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Fish weren’t the only things flying through the air. Those beans were made by God. Women should be dressed in black leotard, pink tights. The wine almost fell on my shoes. My chicken has been in bed for six weeks. I found myself pulling up stockings under a tight denim dress. Shy, the scissors and spoons, the blue mug. She’s not apologising to the wilderness. That jam was on my property. I think there was a restaurant. The girls just about disappear in the bubbles. I put it in the tree. I have really strong muscles. He observed a live chicken at close quarters. So I started this song with one breast. There’s this certain flower. A warm hand fell on her marble washstand. Whole floors of department stores are devoted to hose and tights. I must learn the difference between a lion and a spider. Sometimes the tongue takes you by surprise. This has nothing to do with Brian. That’s a great story. We’re being pursued by pianos. For some reason it’s got a terrible fear of stamps. Give me the biggest balalaika. How does your husband feel about goats? I love my new chair. I’d only end up in bed with the hippopotamus again. Two mice fell into a bucket of cream. They’re lovely ladies and they come out and they’re naked. And those are our beans.