Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Water quenches a flaming fire. And corn calling with the voice of a man. Music is as important as sleep. The oranges blowing up, hens had to cry out. Our pants had pants. Look through the red part…if you dare. Don’t ever let the rooster see that you are scared. New socks make me neurotic. I see two almonds touching. Are you going to buy lingerie or what? Invalidates paves resurrection. These patterns are squares but we need triangles. Two squirrels cavort in her cleavage. But take me home with you when I die. Spend it with your lips on mine. I sense unavoidable darkness looming near. A chicken went into a library. Don’t talk about all the popular dogs in the world. Flowers smell like halibut. Alien babies and chickens possessed by the devil. She has visions of naked women and is afraid of a smiling little girl. My skin is silver, my heart all gold. Wonderful things happen to me when I fall in love. All decked out in fishnet stockings and lacy black lingerie with leopard print trim. It rings a stupid little bell. Do women ever explode? I’m counting your shrimps. You kiss my lips and then it’s done. She’s chosen the wrong ladder. I think tights are cool.