Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

MAY 2002
I just wanted to show you the kittens. Not this but that. Or you know…silk lingerie. He was penniless and highly inflammable. He tries to distract himself with prostitutes, movies, dances and his kite. I see you raised your tongue again. The concept of the bed was simple. Funny thing, love. Her parrots masturbate. I stand behind my fruit. The set of lions in the Sahara is not empty. I restore walls, not pigeons. And teeth can’t tell time. Every night he dreams he’s holding a live fish in his hands. It can sleep in the arms of the killer. I’m somewhere where I don’t know where I am. The breasts go in the elbows. Mistook it for an actual ham. What are you thinking? I can’t go back without dirt. Opaque tights are very sexy. It is a private rod and is always kept upstairs. This is what everyday sex is like, if we’re lucky. Making music seems to me not so different from sex with flowers. If it is you make potato, you make the first potato. Never leave your duck loaded. Why am I looking at six dead cows? Am I responsible for any of these vulgar fluctuations, which begin with unhappiness and end with tea? Has anyone seen the iguana? I am now a perfectly safe penguin. I think that black tights are very nice.