Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

MAY 2001
He invented a rainbow but lightning struck it. Large males are what females prefer. The character’s breasts, for example, jiggle. There are so many more kisses. And watching a naked woman make art from paint smeared on her breasts. And he wanted it so badly. Mud on my breasts. I love the way you can make them float and dance with ease. Even on the floor it’s significant. A dove has gone on a voyage. Or just down the back of the fork. But I would rather be horizontal. Cherish your bear, and your bear will feed your fire. I hope these are your shoes. An arousing contrast of decent black stockings and indecent white petticoats strongly suggesting no drawers beneath. We taste great water great sex. Occasionally I like to help the humans. Homeowners throw dandelions out with the trash. I felt strongly that it was a blasphemy against kneeling. These dolphins seem bent on mayhem. We like to wear tights and show our balls. I don’t think I can go on living my life as I have lived it. That is not a classic penguin. I prefer the way that stockings transform my legs. And twenty pretty girls to carry them down. My head and my same two arms. I gave you a continuous present. Everything belongs to me because I am poor. This must be a stem. Now I’ve got tights that make my legs look great. That’s why I do this.